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October 22, 2015

A bit of a change to the usual Autumn postings around this time of year, photos of pumpkins coming soon! Some photos from a recent {work!! I know, crazy old job} trip to the Caribbean. I've written up the full posts about the two resorts we stayed at, and more about what we did out there, on So You're Getting Married here and here. But for now I'd like to share some of my favourite photos and some more personal photos of us on here, if you'd like to see. 

The Club Resort & Spa, Barbados. We stayed on the West side of the island, right next door to the famous Sandy Lane! Cue sunset beach walks, sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise sea.

Swimming with turtles was a real highlight. I bought a GoPro especially for the trip!

Pretty sunsets sat and watched with a pina colada in hand! 

Traditional island life, coloured houses and Oistin's fish fry. The best Caribbean fish we ate all week, so yummy.

Then onto Palm Island, via a tiny {slightly scary} plane ride and a boat! An adventure and a half but so so worth it.

Palm Island is a private island in St Vincent & The Grenadines that we loved so much. It's covered in Palm trees for a start and has five beaches to explore as well as iguanas, turtles and pelicans to see. It only has forty odd rooms across the island so it really was amazing.

We had bikes and a golf cart for the week to get around. So much fun.

It felt like a Lost kind of island. Aside from the scary polar bears! So tropical though. 

The whole island was just a dream with the most beautiful beaches.

And hammocks to laze around in. 

Cheers to coconuts! 

Sandy toes.

I've read so many good books recently. I'll do a post next week on them all. 

We went out on a sunset boat cruise one night. 

And saw the prettiest skies.

One afternoon we sailed to Tobago Cays, you can see the pink boat out in the sea? And then got taken by a smaller dinghy across to a desert island for snorkelling and a BBQ lunch! 

I think we ate fresh fish all day everyday {mixed in with the odd coconut ice cream and cookies from afternoon tea}. 

Beachy kind of heaven. Such an amazing week away. Sorry for the beach spam, it seems like a long time ago already! Currently sat here all wrapped up, see you next year hot sunshine!

You can find more info on The Club Barbados here
And Palm Island here.

R <3 xx 

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