A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch Before Halloween

October 26, 2015

Halloween is this coming Saturday and this year feels like the UK is embracing/celebrating it more than ever. You may have noticed that I'm a bit crazy for pumpkins so last Thursday afternoon, after hearing about a local farm shop that has gone mad for them this year, we had to go and visit! I'm a big fan of celebrating the seasons {or read that as big kid} so this was pumpkin heaven! 

It's a farm shop called Rumblers, based at Potten End in Hertfordshire about twenty minutes away from us and while we've driven that way so many times before, we'd never even thought to visit. On Facebook last week though the farmer shared photos of his bumper year of pumpkins to his 800 odd followers. The next day it had been shared and viewed over 10,000 times! The power of social media. 

While they're ubiquitous in the U.S. at this time of year, pumpkin patches or farms are harder to find in the UK. I think they've definitely started to grow in the past couple of years and pick your own farms are springing up. We've grown a few of our own pumpkins at the allotment this year but nothing compared to this scale! It was so nice to talk to the farmer who told us how we planted them all {a lot easier than harvesting them all once they'd swelled over the summer!} He lost count after the 300th pumpkin, there must have been thousands there.

I already had a little collection at home but couldn't resist bringing a couple more home! I got a warty one as well as a traditional orange mid-sized lantern ready for carving and another crown prince squash that will be yummy to cook with as well as being pretty on display for the next week or so.

I love all the different sizes, shapes and colours. I'd never seen so many in one place!

By the end of next week he expected to be sold out of almost all the pumpkins, crazy! They were good prices and it's a fun place to go so I'm not surprised. I'm glad we went early to catch the display at it's best.

Now to get carving!! More halloween posts to follow this week. Are you loving the pumpkins this year?

R <3 xx 

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  1. I didn't realize pumpkin patches were so rare in the UK. We literally have 10 within a 10 minute drive of our home. In fact, the kids are pretty tired of pumpkins around here already. They are ready to move onto that festive season....


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