St. Valentines Day - Sweets for my Sweet

February 09, 2015

Do you love Valentine's Day or are you one of those cynics who say it's commercialised?! Personally I love love love it, hearts, flowers, chocolates and good old fashioned romance. What's not to love? It doesn't have to be a big thing but it's nice to give a small gesture at least or just exchanging a handwritten note to your love. Ever since I was little, my Mum and Grandma would send my brother and I little heart cards from 'Guess who???' {but we would always recognise their writing!} and give us a big chocolate heart lollipop. When I actually got a real Valentine's card from boys in primary school I was ecstatic and have loved it ever since. Ben and I have always made an active occasion of it, for the last couple of years we've planned a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market the week before, as we did yesterday, for me to buy some pretty spring blooms, in reds and pink colours, and then go out for a nice lunch or cook something yummy at home on the 14th Feb. {This year we've even booked a night away, but that was because I just needed something to look forward to in this grey cold depressing winter so we basically used Valentine's as an excuse.} Oh well, all hail Valentine's as just that, an excuse to be spoilt and to spoil the one you love. And hell, if you don't love anyone other than your cat, then spoil yourself!

I love decorating the kitchen for each season, I got the LOVE bunting from Etsy a few years back so hang it above the sink and then drape paper heart garlands around the rest of the house. I've got a thing about little jars too so fill up an old French Le Parfait jar with Valentine's sweets. Ben has a huge sweet tooth so I sing the song 'sweets for my sweet' all week...

He bought me these beautiful ranunculus yesterday at Columbia Road, they get prettier and prettier as they open up. I didn't know until recently that they're known as mini peonies, probably why I like them so much.

This history of Valentine's Day is worth a quick read. I love the thought of a Saint Valentine sending love notes like Cupid. In a world of emails and texts, even just the act of writing a card these days is romantic don't you think? Paperchase has been my favourite place for cards this year but Not on the High Street or Etsy usually have some lovely designs.  This will be our first married Valentine's Day <3 <3 <3  

I couldn't resist ordering some sugar cookies from Nila Holden, I've been eyeing up her beautiful photos of her baking on Instagram for a while so Valentine's Day seemed like a legitimate excuse to order some. They look pretty and smell of heavenly vanilla, we can eat them as part of our Valentine's dinner. 

What have you got planned for Saturday? It's a bonus that it falls on a weekend this year, although maybe not great for florists, it's their busiest day of the year running around delivering red roses to offices.

- Take a look at these funny cards and these, some of them made me giggle.
- And this one 'there's nobody I'd rather lay in bed and look at my phone next to' LOL modern life.
- As a side note, have you seen the film Valentine's Day? I loved it, worth a watch.

You can find out more about Nila's gorgeous Cookies here. She even supplies to Fortnum and Mason.

Enjoy Valentine's Week! {yes people think I'm crazy but red hearts and romance are my thing}

R <3 xx 

{this post is sponsored but I would never ever promote anything that I didn't already love and would buy myself}

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