A Birthday Afternoon Tea Party filled with Bunting and Cupcakes..

February 02, 2015

My Birthday's not until March but I don't feel very inspired to write about much in January. The garden is bare and most of the time we stay snuggled indoors watching box sets or just planning things to do for when summer is finally here. Let's talk bunting and cake instead. I love afternoon tea and with my Birthday being at the end of March, the weather is usually starting to get nice. There's nothing I love more than arranging flowers, hanging the bunting and decorating cakes. It's become a tradition over the past few years to have an afternoon tea party to celebrate my Birthday but last year's was extra special as I turned 21.  

Is 18 or 21 considered bigger in Birthday terms? I think it's changed over the years but I guess turning 21 is your last big Birthday for a while so it's safe to say I got throughly spoilt. We spent the weekend at my Mum and Dad's, their house is better for entertaining than ours and it meant I got to hang out with this little pup. 

I actually got up really early and went spinning on the morning of my Birthday, crazy I know but the early morning spin class is always good fun and it meant I could eat extra cake later on.. 

Riley helped me to open my presents before we all went into London for lunch at The Oxo Tower that I blogged about before here.

Lunch was amazing and we walked all along The Thames and Southbank before picking up cupcakes I had preordered for the tea party from The Primrose Bakery, one of my favourites. 

I normally always bake my own cakes but this year decided that it would be nice not to worry about making them and clearing up the inevitable buttercream storm that would descend upon the kitchen. Plus The Primrose Bakery make the best cupcakes and they're so pretty. 

On the way home, guarding the cupcakes on the train with my life, we stopped to pick up a shiny new car {I know, I know say I'm a spoilt brat but it probably worked out cheaper in the end than fixing all the stuff that was going wrong on my old car!} 

The next day, Saturday was time for my favourite bit, setting up the cakes! My Mum and I had been and bought lots of spring flowers, finger sandwich making supplies, picnic bits, strawberries and cream for the scones etc. M&S is always my favourite for lunch bits like that. We had hung bunting the night before and pegged old photos of me onto string. 

I like to arrange things on a range of different platters, cake stands and plates with different sized bowls dotted in between. I put some things on upturned wooden crates to give some height and interest. Fresh strawberries with scones, jam and cream are always delicious. And I had to have my favourite mini eggs and mini macarons! 

It was a gorgeous day, warm enough for us to sit outside to eat and enjoy a glass of bubbly in the sunshine. 



The celebrations continued long after the weekend with my friends the following week and then a Trip to Paris. Happy days and lots and lots of love for everybody I celebrated with. 

Here's to eating more cake and hanging more bunting this year.

R <3 xx 

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