Happy Weekend...

February 20, 2015

{Sunlight and flowers filling the house, happy days}
Happy Friday and Weekend, I'm cheating and writing this on Wednesday afternoon as we're going to the Cotswolds for the next couple of days for a post-Valentine's little getaway. Sure I can be found posting some photos on Instagram already though {@rvk123}. How was your week and your Valentine's last weekend? I've watched three amazing films over the last few days, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game and ... *cough* Fifty Shades of Grey. All must see's. Some of this week's highlights after the jump..
{Foolproof raspberry souffles strike again, yummy Valentine's dinner that I cooked for Ben}
{Too much love for this little guy, had some lovely walks with him the last couple of weeks}
{Blog post on Petersham Nurseries coming up soon after our Valentine's trip to Richmond, so much pretty}
{Beautiful sunshine and the pup, there have been some beautiful bright blue sky days this week}
{Fingers and toes in two of my favourite colours}
{Crocuses springing up everywhere}
We haven't got much planned this weekend after getting back from The Cotswolds, just catching up with family and friends. Also we really need to get packed and organised for going to California next week. Too much excitement going on this week, our feet won't touch the ground! Have you got anything nice planned? Have a good one. A makeover post on curb appeal next week, I know the makeover's are your favourites.

R <3 xx 

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  1. You've got a few exciting weeks up ahead! How is your hubby able to get all of this time off of work?? :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Super exciting! And thanks for all your lovely comments. We're lucky that Ben is self employed, he's an accountant and property developer so can work with wifi around the world! xx


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