Happy Weekend...

January 30, 2015

{Sunny Daffs make Winter seem not quite so cold}
Friday, Friday... {you know the rest, it's that annoying Rebecca Black song that still haunts me every time I think about Friday} But yay for the weekend! Do you have snow? We don't, it's too warm in the South apparently. If you call warm 2 degrees C. Oh well, winter and all that, spring will soon be here is what I keep telling myself. And it did actually feel like Spring a few times this week, I've been to some amazing events for So You're Getting Married, attending a Jo Malone tea party was like a dream and Spring had definitely sprung with breakfast at Sophie Conran's house for a press launch and then lunch surrounded by flowers at Waddesdon Manor. I still can't believe that this job is real, we've just booked flights to California for a blogging trip which I've been jumping around in excitement for all week!! Aside from all that excitement, I've been feeling under the weather this week so hoping I feel better for this weekend..

{Don't think I'll ever be able to resist taking cow parsley photos especially frosty sunrise ones}
{Love the light in January, our kitchen is illuminated every morning until lunchtime at this time of year}
{LOL our Scooby Doo fancy dress last weekend}
{Sunday Brunching, we're obsessed with eggs and avocado on toast with a green juice}
{8 degrees and birds singing on Tuesday before the UK's big freeze}
{Died and gone to heaven at a Jo Malone Wedding Tea Party for SYGM, read about it here}
{Spring had sprung at Waddesdon Manor, loved this display}
Got any exciting weekend plans? I'm looking forward to going out for dinner with Ben tonight and having a family lunch at my Auntie's on Sunday, her barn is something out of a Country Living Magazine before seeing lots of friends next week yay.

I've had a few requests for blog posts which I haven't ignored, just need to get round to putting them together. As always, if you have any feedback feel free to let me know.

Have a lovely weekend, officially through the hardest month of the year. I don't think it's been that bad but always good to be edging closer towards lighter evenings and warmer weather.

R <3 xx

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