Wedding - DIY Sign Post

January 07, 2015

I can't remember what made us think of it or why Ben and I decide that we wanted a wedding sign post. Probably Pinterest, most things were inspired by Pinterest. Ben's Mum also has an old sign post in her garden that looks so pretty amongst the flowers so it was probably that, come to think of it that prompted us to make something unique for the day that we could keep in the garden afterwards. I wasn't going to do many more wedding posts on the blog, I figured you'd probably be bored of weddings by now? Especially after our wedding was featured on Phoebe's So You're Getting Married on Christmas Eve, the blog that I now work for, our wedding has been well and truly shared now. But after putting the sign post in our garden a few weeks ago, now that all the flowers have died back, and sharing a frosty photo of it on Instagram last week, a few of you were interested in our sign post , that Ben made for our wedding, so though it was probably worthy of a little blog post. 

The summer before we got married, we designed our sign post. We wanted it to look as traditional as possible, think coastal path or a national trust type, but I had to have a red heart on it somewhere.

We decided on four arrows, one with our wedding date on, one with B and R with a red heart, WEDDING to direct people at our venue and our honeymoon destination with the number of miles. At the time of designing we thought we were going to the Seychelles, but luckily didn't chisel out that arrow until we actually booked and decided on The Maldives instead.

I would have had no idea where to start on a project like this but luckily DIY handy husband loves a challenge. He designed the font on paint and printed it to scale before stencilling the design onto the wooden sign. We got the wood from a recycling yard, an old fence post for the base and these two rustic pieces for the signs. 

After tracing the design onto the wood, Ben sat and chiselled each letter out!! It was impressive, I wouldn't have had the patience nor skill to do that. You could just paint the letters on but they wouldn't weather well or look quite as authentic. I think because we wanted it as a feature in the garden after the wedding Ben thought it was worth chiselling the letters out. He then painted the letters with black paint and red for the heart. 

He cut the ends of the signs in an angle to make them point and then cut slots in the post for the signs to go through. For simplicity I have seen pictures of them being just nailed on which looked good too. It sits on a flat base of wood to stand it upright.

Photos by Binky Nixon taken at our wedding, we stood on the path from the car park to the main house for everyone to walk past and see. 

It now sits proudly in our garden, a lovely reminder of such a special day. It will be nice to watch it weather and change with the seasons. I can't wait for next summer when it will be surrounded, perhaps hidden, by flowers. 

Sorry, probably not the best DIY guide but hopefully some good inspiration for a wedding, or even a special gift for somebody? What do you think?

R <3 xx

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