Beachcombing Projects, Part Two Framing Coral

January 26, 2015

Following on from last week's beachcombing post, a short guide on framing sea coral today for a bathroom or anywhere in your house.

We first saw inspiration for framing coral at Headland House, a boutique B&B in St Ives where we stayed on our engagement trip, post on that to follow. They had some beautiful black sea coral framed on the walls. We then forgot about it until a trip to Florida the year after and found an incredible shell shop that sold all different seashells and coral, responsibly sourced from the Gulf of Mexico. It cost about $15 but I loved the colour and how pretty and intricate it was. We carefully wrapped it up and layed it flat in a shoe box to try and get it home safely, taking it in our hand luggage rather than risk the baggage handlers chucking it around!

When we got home we googled framing the coral and found pictures like this. If you had a big seaside house a big display would look amazing as every piece is so unique.

We bought a white box frame from Ikea with the glass away from the mount for the coral to sit inside. We covered the mount in hessian. And then Ben drilled a hole through the mount where the coral would be placed before getting a needle and a piece of cotton around the coral and back through the same hole to tie it in place. You could try glue dots but we found this to be a good solution.

It now sits in our bathroom and ties in really well with the wall colour in there and reminds me of the ocean. If we ever find some more coral I'll definitely frame another piece, it would look just as lovely in a lounge or dining room.

R <3 xx 

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  1. This turned out really well. I didn't know you can find flat coral. Great display- with memories to boot!


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