Happy Weekend..

January 16, 2015

{Roll on Spring please!}
Yay it's Friday! And time for the weekend. How was your week? I thought this week would be especially tough getting back to reality and detoxing after the holidays and Norfolk last week. But I surprised myself, I think the sunshine, daffodils and a week of fun events for SYGM helped. I've been at Fortnum and Mason, The Royal Opera House, designing my own shoes {!!} and at a Phase Eight press launch this week. Three afternoons and evenings dressing up in the big city have been good fun after about a month just wearing dog walking clothes in fields pretty much every day. Ben's taking today off so we have another long weekend which is rather nice. Despite the sunshine it's been freezing cold and I'd quite like to hibernate {or jet off to a hot country} until somewhere around the Middle of March pretty please. If it's going to be this cold we could at least have some snow?!! The usual photo highlights and weekend plans after the jump..

{My Mum's been away this week so I've had some nice sunny dog walks with my Dad}
{And enjoyed being back to wearing an actual dress, lippy and jewellery this week}
{Can always rely on Liberty to have some pretty blooms ready for the arrival of Spring}
{Amen to that! Can't wait to share my shoes on SYGM in a couple of weeks}
{Twilight pink skies in London, love that magical time of night}
{Sunny daffs for the weekend}
Have a good one, have you got anything nice planned? Ben's taking me out for a sushi lunch and a wander around Berko after I've written this and then I'm looking forward to catching up with a friend tomorrow morning and then going out with the girls for a birthday tomorrow evening. We were going to Brighton on Sunday to visit my brother, it said it was going to be sunny all week until today where it says rain all day. Damn weather forecasters, might have to take a rain check literally. Love Sunday's though whatever the weather.

Happy weekend, Mauritius up on the blog next week as well as making your own mini beach amongst other posts.

R <3 xx

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