Happy Weekend

January 09, 2015

{So much love. We've had the best week <3}
Happy Weekend! Officially through the first week of January. We've been in Norfolk this week, a little cottage/seaside escape to start the year off. We've had such a lovely time, I really don't want to go home and face reality. I'm looking forward to blogging the North Norfolk coast and the beautiful cottage we've stayed in, I could quite happily live here. How was your week? Feels like ages since I've done one of these posts. Here are a few of my favourite moments from this week and the usual weekend musings..
{I wasn't too sad to take the christmas decs down, the house felt all decluttered and big again.
And hello new barn star}
{Hello 2015, a new wall calendar to fill in some exciting dates this year}
{This little old blog was in the Daily Mail back on Boxing Day. I was interviewed about upcycling}
{Beach Hut Heaven at Wells Next The Sea this week}
{Pretty cowparsley and sunset walks in Norfolk}
{Beautiful Blakeney}
{Cosy afternoons and evenings in the cottage after long beach walks}
{How is this January? The beach is good for my soul}
We go home today, I haven't even thought about this weekend. That would mean facing reality and supermarket shopping and detoxing and Ben going back to work on Monday. Oh the holidays are well and truly over now after three perfect,heavenly weeks. I think I'll just plan to buy multiple bunches of spring blooms to brighten up the inevitable post holiday blues. What are your plans? Happy Friday and thanks for so many lovely comments about Monday's running post. Lots more lined up for next week. As always, have a good one.

R <3 xx

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  1. What a wonderful week you've had! And congrats about the article in the paper. That is very exciting! I, too, have been buying spring flowers like a madwoman. We have so much snow here and FREEZING temperatures so I have to do all I can to warm up the feeling in our house!

    1. I wish we had snow :( flowers always help! I've had daffs this week, maybe tulips for next? xx


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