Day Out - Brighton with Meat Liquor, Beach Huts and Pretty Pink Skies

January 21, 2016

Do you remember this post from our wintry trip to Brighton last January?? It was such a lovely day and the gorgeous early sunset probably one of the only things to celebrate in the depths of Winter. It was forecast to be a beautiful weekend so we decided to nip down for the day again to visit my Brother.

We went somewhere different for lunch this time, our first time at Meat Liquor BTN. It's a cool place, especially as Ben and my brother LOVE American food. Screw the superfood smoothies I was talking about yesterday, Saturday was a cheat day! The menu was huge, and entertaining {the salads are under a section called rabbit food and there's plates of fries called the garbage heap piled high with everything you can imagine}. There's a chilli challenge too, if you can eat a chilli burger, hot dog and fries within 10 minutes you get it all for free. 

We ordered a cheeseburger each and the boys shared some chilli cheese fries and some regular fries. The burgers themselves were good, cooked pink, but crucially didn't have enough cheese. Thumbs down. Five Guys still wins for me. And they could have been a bit bigger... 

Amazing milkshakes too, although I only had a tiny taste before remembering I had given up sugar for January :(( but the waiter recommended mixing chocolate and malt for a malteser flavour.

After our yummy lunch we wandered through Brighton starting in the North Laines. On Saturday's there are street markets on which are good for a browse and some gorgeous little independent cafes and shops. 

Swooned over everything in the architectural salvage shop before realising that we couldn't really carry it all the way back to the car.. 

I get so bored on most UK high streets these days, all the shops are the same and the boutiquey gift shops all seem to buy at the same nouveau shabby chic trade fairs. But what I like about places like Brighton is that there are real independents. With antiques and different things to browse. 

Once we finished in the North Laines we crossed over to the regular Lanes and eventually came out at the seafront. I love some of the art shops along the beachfront. 

We walked right and carried on up the beach path util we reached Hove, passing the new i360 tower being built in Brighton {which is so so tall!} and then got to the pretty pastel beach huts.

It was a beautiful crisp day. It was chilly but the arctic wind has disappeared so with all of our layers on we felt quite warm in the sunshine, even sitting on the beach just watching the boats and waves for a while. I really love spending time with my brother and we miss him when he's back at uni! 

After a stop at a coffee shop it was almost time for the sun to set, the day had flown by. I love the sunsets in Brighton, we sat on the pier to watch the sky change colour. And the starlings gave a crazy display all swooping together making huge groups in the sky. 

I still love the photos from last year {at the end of this post} with our bobble hats silhouetted against the sky. 

Such a magical place. And the perfect antidote to January. The beach cures all! 

We'd had the best day and then walked my Brother back to his uni house and said our goodbyes {I may have teared up a tiny bit} even though it had only been a couple of weeks since he'd been home for Christmas. Before heading home for my Friend's Birthday and then the next morning we woke up to snow! What a weekend.

Such a special place with such a buzz in the air, you know that feeling when everyone just seems so happy?? You just want to bottle it up! We'll be back again soon Brighton! 

R <3 xx 

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