Happy Weekend #3

January 22, 2016

{Pretty in pink}
Hello to the weekend! And oh my gosh, how freezing cold has it been this week?!! It's a bit warmer today but with it has come the rain. The Great British Winter how we love you... But yay for another week of January over, here's how mine has been:

After the best weekend {see this and this}, I came down with a horrible bug quickly followed by an ear and throat infection so the first two days were spent in bed, keeping warm and watching Orange is The New Black for most of it. Since then, I've finally got my appetite back and managed to get back into some exercise after having most of the week off from it, a reformer pilates class and then a spin class this morning. Hopefully back to running this weekend now I'm feeling better. Other than that, Phoebe and I have had some exciting potential new clients on the blog front which made us realise just how much we love our jobs. Anddd there have been some gorgeous gorgeous frosty mornings for dog walks. Today I've been to do the food shop, stock up on fresh spring flowers and met two of my friends for lunch. Being freelance and working from home means that often in the week nearly everyone I know is working, so today was a nice surprise.

This weekend we don't actually have much planned for once, tonight we're having a bit of a date night and cooking in together, I feel like I've hardly seen Ben this week as he's been all go with work. Tomorrow my friend is cooking for a girls night, and other than that I might start packing {and try and track down all the various chargers, suncream, sunglasses etc that go with it - I feel like it's been forever since we've gone away somewhere hot!} Hope you have a lovely weekend, February will soon be here.

- A couple of favourite photos from the week {from my Instragram @rvk_loves}

{Frosty winter walks}
{Spring blooms} 
{Yay for new cookbooks} 
{As time goes by, we realise we potentially only have a few weeks left in this house!}
- What I've bought this week. The new Deliciously Ella book. As annoying as she can be, her constantly saying  so creamy' just makes me cringe, I do love her recipes. While I'd never be a full vegan, I do appreciate plant based recipes and then you can always add meat or eggs in. It's a good cookbook, I'm looking forward to trying the paella and the winter fruit crumble. Her cooking just feels so guilt free {although I did notice that there's quite a lot of added sugar, albeit in unrefined ways but sugar is still sugar}. I've been trying, but failing, to find nice new bikinis so far this year, I know it's still early but I just haven't seen any I like yet -  I've scoured the whole internet! Also ASOS had 20% student discount so I got my Brother to order me some tops, a new jumper and some new swimwear for Ben.

- Beauty wise - I was sent some Ultrasun Pre-Suntan optimiser to review for SYGM after I'm back from the Bahamas. I'm not 100% how it works yet but the idea behind it is that if you apply it twice a day for two weeks before you go in the sun, a) it's super moisturising to prepare your skin but b) it brings up the melanin level in your skin so that you'll tan quicker and the initial shock of the UV on your skin isn't so harsh, which is especially important for Winter considering I can't remember the last time I felt warm sun on my skin! I'll review it fully once I'm back but I'm hoping I'll return like a bronzed goddess because of it! 

- A couple of yummy dinners I've cooked this week - Turkey meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce with wholemeal tagliatelle, tender-stem broccoli {that I'm obsessed with} and kale, topped with cheese. So good. And last night I adapted this recipe with venison sausages and added cavalo nero, it's a good Winter warmer. 

- Things that have made me smile - For Christmas I was bought some vouchers for a facial and a massage which I used this week, so so heavenly. Nothing like a good excuse for some pampering! Also feeling so proud of our So You're Getting Married team, I really do love working with Phoebe and the way that everything has worked out so far.

- House update - We met our buyers on Tuesday night! It was quite a weird thing seeing a couple measuring up for furniture whilst we're still living here. But also in a way I felt ok about it all. Now if only the bloody council would get back to us so we can start sorting out all the planning permission that we're going to need. The sellers for the house we're buying have said they want to move from March at the earliest. So our visions of moving in February are out the window. So the saga continues...

- Travel Countdown - One week, one week, one week!!

How has your week been? Have a lovely weekend.

R <3 xx

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