Food - January's Superfood Smoothie.

January 20, 2016

A slightly different post from me today, as promised a post on our new superfood smoothie that we're making almost daily at the moment. Skip if you don't want to hear me waffling on about food and our January resolutions!

I didn't really make any resolutions for this January, I mean I've cut out sugar {bar one slight slip-up at Meat Liquor in Brighton at the weekend for a milkshake...} but depriving yourself just makes you miserable. And January can be miserable enough as it is with all the cold and darkness. Ben and I tend to eat pretty well {see this} as it is with nearly everything wholegrain, lots of veg with a few heavy doses of quinoa and kale each week and before January, our only vices was a few sugary treats here and there. But then something changed. We went away to The Cotswolds {here} and watched a couple of interesting food documentaries on Netflix that made us really think about some things. Sure, we ate healthily but could we do better? One of the documentaries stuck with us and basically said if you give your body total nutrition, it will self-heal itself {even going as far to say it could heal cancer cells as well as chemo - now I really don't know the science behind that so I think that could be a little extreme} but it makes sense in a lot of ways. Nourish your body and it shall glow. Raw food is especially good for this. So Ben and I decided to make some changes, to buy as much organic produce as possible {which is easier when our allotment is producing more} and to make a daily smoothie packed full of nutrients and antioxidants.

We came home and researched the most nutrient rich foods {aka superfoods}, placed a big order on Amazon and as such our daily smoothie goes like this:

- We fill the container halfway with greens. We use frozen spinach and fresh kale. {this way it keeps the sugar content down compared to using all fruit and you get the goodness from the greens}
- Then add a good couple of handfuls of both frozen mixed berries plus frozen blueberries {again blueberries have so many health benefits and the mixed berries have vitamin C without much sugar}.
- Add a scant handful of goji berries {an immune booster}
- A tablespoon of raw cacao powder {from the cocoa bean, one of the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet}
- A teaspoon of matcha powder {green tea full of antioxidants and a fat burner}
- A heaped teaspoon of turmeric {the healing effects from this are crazy amazing and it's very anti-inflammatory}
- A sprinkling of ground black pepper since this aids the absorption from turmeric.
- A tablespoon of coconut oil as a healthy fat {read this}
- And not pictured: add in a banana plus a big lump of raw ginger.

Fill the container with water up to the max line. Then blend! It tastes better than you'd imagine and really not awful at all. The banana takes most of the flavour away and we play around with the spinach/kale ratio since the more kale there is, the more bitter it is. We pour it into two glasses and have it for breakfast every morning. I know that science changes all the time on just how beneficial superfoods are for us but it certainly feels good knowing your body is getting some extra nutrition especially in the Winter when there are so many bugs around. Drinking this everyday certainly isn't going to do any harm anyway.

Also a side note on the Nutribullet, we used to have a Vitamix {here} but returned it to Costco as it was too big and bulky to use. We bought a Nutribullet inside which is much better value and it sits neatly under our kitchen island and is so easy to use and clean up. We use it nearly everyday now, highly recommend! Oh and smoothies are much, much better for you than juices. Juice has had all the fibre taken out of it, smoothies keep the roughage to slow the digestion of it down and stop your body using the fructose {sugar in fruit} to convert into sugar straight away.

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Before using these add-ins our favourite was a simple banana, spinach and frozen berries mix. But I love how you can add whatever is in the fridge into it. We've put beetroot in before, pears, apples, oranges, whatever combination seems to work. Who else is on a health kick??

R <3 xx

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  1. What a great post, thanks for the inspiration. We love our Nutribullet too but sometimes I find all the superfood info over whelming and don't know where to start! A favourite recipe in our house is almond milk, frozen banana, cacao, peanut butter and a couple of dates (soaked so they soften) it may not be packed with super foods but is basically a refined sugar free version of a snickers bar and very yummy!x

    1. Yum that sounds delicious for a healthy treat. Yes forgot to mention how good frozen banana is to make fake ice cream with raw cacao or vanilla and alpro coconut milk. Mood booster! Xxx

  2. YUM! I really like putting coconut water in, instead of normal water. And I also add mint leaves and cucumber. Additional boosters I add are omega oil blends, baobab fruit powder, chia seeds, bee pollen.

    1. Ooh great ideas! Mint would be lovely. I used to add chia seeds in but then read they should be kept whole instead of blended to keep you fuller?? But either way, full of goodness x


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