Happy Weekend #2 {and a new update!}

January 15, 2016

Happy Friday! This has felt like the first week of normality after all Christmas break and then our trip last week. I've eased myself back into work and all the admin and emails that come with it but mainly it's been a quiet week which I've appreciated! Back to a routine, regular workouts, spin classes and pilates sessions as well as some lovely walks with the pup. I've fillled the house with fresh Spring flowers to make January a bit cheerier and caught up with friends and family. I've just got back from a yummy lunch with my sister in law. Yay for the weekend, we're making our favourite pizzas tonight {recipe here} and tomorrow we're off to visit my brother in Brighton for the day which I'm really looking forward to. Then back for a girls night out in St Albans for my lovely friend Steph's Birthday. Sunday will be chilled out and low-key I think! I've decided to make these weekend posts a bit different for this year so a couple of new additions:

- What I've bought this week. I had to return some sale buys to Next, cue me buying half their new Spring collection instead. I think I'll be wearing my old Winter jumpers for a while longer but it's refreshing to buy some fresh bits ready for the warmer weather. Also the best fake pasta from M&S made from butternut squash, super healthy and you wouldn't know the difference - much better than courgetti. But be warned it's been sold out ever since. Hurry back please M&S. And this new skincare range from Boots. I don't want to get wrinkles!

- A couple of yummy dinners I've cooked this week - A smoked mackerel superfood bowl - red carmargure rice, roasted leeks and squash, peas and tenderstem broccoli. Also sausages with this Deliciously Ella canellini bean stew to which I added some kale and flowering sprouts. The thought of eating salads every night in January depresses me especially as it's this cold so we prefer healthy dinners that still taste yummy and crucially fill us up. Ben eats for England. If you want the full recipes just insta me or something.

- Things that have made me smile - Spring blooms, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips everywhere. A florist made my day by giving me a free bunch of sunny daffs when he spotted me taking the photo above. A small gesture but so unexpected and made me smile a lot.

- Things we've watched - Making a Murderer, well that was last week but still seriously good and I've loved reading some of the articles in the press that followed it. Silent Witness, a goood one this week. Location is always a fav with Ben being so into properties. The film Everest - wow wow wow.

- A couple of favourite photos from the week {you can find the rest over on my Instagram @rvk_loves} -
{It was all yellow}
{Winter blossom. Roll on springtime!}
{Getting back into the swing of all things work and blogging}

- Other things of note - I've given up sugar for the whole of January!! Like the dryathlon {you can sponsor me here if you're that way inclined, it's for cancer research which helps me keep my resolution even more} but as I don't drink alcohol I swapped it for sugar, my one biggest vice {plus it's more addictive than heroin!! Who'd have thought it}. The first few days I had a headache and felt shaky, which showed me just how bad it is for you really. Since then I've got used to it and haven't craved it much, having a herbal tea if I really need something. But it's miserable and as soon as February rolls around I'll be straight back on it although definitely in moderation. Life is too short to give up things you love. We've been making superfood smoothies in our Nutribullet, full post on that soon.

- House update. Stilll with solicitors, no date on the horizon. Hoping it will be mid to late Feb but who knows. Searches are being done etc. We've drawn out all our plans for it which has made me super excited. But still need to get these pre-approved by the council as it's a listed building. Fingers crossed they're not too awkward about anything.

- Travel countdown. Next stop The Bahamas {!!}, just a couple more weeks to get through.

How has your week been? Hope you like the new format. Just gives me a better chance to talk about all the stuff I don't get round to writing on Twitter/Instagram and I love to look back on the weeks. Have a lovely weekend.

R <3 xx

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