Happy Weekend; Spring has Sprung {week 10, the 2017 edition}

March 10, 2017

Happy Friday! This week has flown by and I'm wondering where this year is going to already. In my head it's still the end of January?? Which is a nice surprise when you can gradually start wearing less layers and see things budding up and starting to bloom as Spring arrives. I've also realised that I haven't blogged much over the past couple of weeks. The building project is really progressing day by day but it also takes up so much of my time along with life and work projects. Decisions on lighting, decisions on where to put switches, making the roofers coffee, arranging site visits for suppliers, the list goes on. But yay for the weekend. Some photos, a little catch up and thoughts from the past couple of weeks below;
L a s t  w e e k; 

Hello March {!}, and ten days in already. My Birthday is coming around fast as well as the clocks changing, spring blossom opening up and soon the lambs will be in the fields. It's a great month but last year was v chaotic with us moving house, and this year feels almost the same with the building work racing on by. Ben is flat-out now that he's taken over and was also a man down this week, I'm amazed at how hard he's working on the extension and this week was a race against time to get everything ready for the roofers.  

I'm struggling to store all the deliveries that are arriving for the new kitchen so I've spread our new bar stools out around the house! They're from Loaf {here} and I love them. Dreaming of the day I can sit at our island looking out on it all.

Bathroom details. Keeping half the house clean whilst the rest is in chaos.. 

Brightening up a few dull days with my current fav necklace and bright pink stripes.

I try to take at least half of Friday off to pick up some treats for the weekend, this Friday I haven't managed it but last week I popped over to my fav market town and had a wander on my own, sometimes it's so good for the soul. 

Last Friday I also shared on my Instagram here, about feeling so much better after suffering for a few weeks since Christmas with adrenal fatigue. And wow, what an incredible response I got. Thank you so so much for all of your kind messages of support and also to those of you who messaged saying that you've been feeling similar. I'd definitely recommend seeing a homeopath any ill health you feel.

On the house front we're focusing on the kitchen extension as the main project but also want to get a few more of the unfinished jobs inside finished before the summer. We've finally got our local carpet fitters out to measure up for getting a stair runner fitted and carpet upstairs.

Flowers by my bedside are always a good idea. Bedding and pillows in the sale {!} here.

L a s t   w e e k e n d ;

Last Saturday we got back into all things garden and allotment. The sun was shining, we were fuelled with a yummy breakfast and we went to check on the allotment. Ben cleared it at the end of last season so there's not too much to do at the allotment until it warms up, we normally start there around April/May {full allotment posts here and here}. It looks so bare right now but it's amazing to think that in a few months it will be overflowing again.

In the garden though we really got cracking. We weeded all the flowerbeds, the photo below is the before - they look so messy! - and cleared last year's dead growth away, turning the soil and tidying everything up. I'm amazed at how much is coming up already and how much better the plants we put in just last year and coming back. 

I love this time of year for buying some new plants and thinking ahead to the summer in bloom. We've been planning the beds, thinking about last year's growing and sun aspects etc. The right hand border gets sun alll day which last year was too hot for some of our plants so we're thinking of moving a few around.

Sunny daffs!

We also sorted out the dahlias we dug up last Autumn and have stored in the summerhouse over winter. We potted them up ready for this year's growing season. Full post on growing dahlias here.

The bulbs that we planted in the autumn have sprung up so we moved some of the tubs to pretty up the front door. Also I'm in love with my sunny new rain mac from Fat Face here. 

On Sunday night we were treated to a stay at The Grove, a gorgeous country hotel just down the road from us. I'll share all the photos in a full post soon. A heavenly spa and the best food!

This week started with a pretty sunrise, the mornings so much lighter which makes getting up a lot easier. It was hard to drag myself away from The Grove to drive into the craziness of London for a meeting on Monday but at least this week has been mainly warm and sunny which I've loved for starting to wear less of my thick wooly scarves and coats! And it stays light until 6pm now which feels like a huge difference. 

Apart from one very wet day when our roof got started. The poor guys got soaked! But it's amazing what a difference the roof has made to the extension, it feels like a pivotal point.

Veluxes and all. We got super lucky with some reclaimed roof tiles, I never thought that I'd ever be interested in roof tiles before but these are gorgeous. Looking back from the garden and it looks as though the extension has always been here because of it.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. 17 degrees in London! I've mainly been chained to my laptop this week with a huge list of work to get done but yesterday I had an afternoon tea event with Farrow & Ball which was a perfect excuse to head into town for a bit. 

Magnolia season!! 😍

I was in heaven listening to Joa {of Joa's White at F&B} talk about decorating and paint. It was also perfect timing for the new extension. I'll share some of her words of wisdom next week. 

Yesterday's sunshine walk after I got home from London and before a mad dash to Ikea. 

Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend? It will mainly be low-key for us after what feels like a crazy non-stop week for us both, maybe we'll go out somewhere nice and get lunch but also I want to spend some time at home without a million builders around making noise! We also really need to get some seeds started off, we keep running out of time and at this time of year I'm happiest when in a garden centre. Lots of garden posts here and if you want to find out more on seed planting you'll find posts here.

Have a good one. Spring is finally springing. R <3 xx

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