Happy Weekend {Week 12, the 2017 edition}

March 26, 2017

Happy Weekend! Although er, it's Sunday night already. This week has been a blur and I normally write these posts on a Friday but it's all just been so busy. Trying to get work finished before we go away on Wednesday, trying to sort the extension out with lots of exciting developments - the doors getting fitted and the floor being screeded {side note, I hit a wall with all the decisions and stress on Friday, it's definitely all consuming but since then I'm back to loving it again and hopefully feeling more on top of it all} along with organising Mother's Day and my Birthday it's been a busy busy few days! But, Spring has well and truly sprung. The clocks have changed, British summertime is here. There's blossom everywhere and it all just feels so good again. In the past week though I've been reminded twice how life can change so suddenly within the blink of an eye, one being the tragic Westminster Bridge incident. So I'm determined more than ever to appreciate every little moment. More below, and a photo catch up. I hope you've had a lovely weekend??
L A S T   W E E K E N D 

I've scheduled a post this week with all the photos from last weekend in London as it was crazily beautiful. The magnolia was out in Primrose Hill and I've never seen so many blooms. We went for lunch and a wander round the pretty streets before coming home to sort some house/garden jobs. On Sunday we had a day at home, hunkering down from the storm and planning the new patio out.

We picked rhubarb from the allotment, our first forced crop {which makes it pinker and sweeter} which I felt proud of! I then cooked it into a crumble after dinner. I LOVE simple pleasures like that, growing something and then coming up with a recipe to use it up. If I had more time to spare I'd be in the garden or at the allotment for hours.

L A S T  W E E K - 

Last week was an admin/work kind of week. The usual emails/work tasks along with trying to fit in those annoying jobs like getting my haircut {am I the only girl to hate getting her haircut? I resist getting it cut for as long as I can but then hate it for a few days after!} amongst other appointments etc that seem to eat into the week. 

We had so much rain last week so when the sun came out it made such a difference. I love the house bathed in sunlight.

Obsessed with rhubarb at the moment, it made a yummy breakfast mixed with oats and chia seeds.

It's been a really great week for extension progress, the electrics have all been first fixed now {choosing the lighting plan was hard though, how many do you need and which do we want to turn on with which?!}, the floor is all insulated ready for screeding and the wall is up for the utility/bootroom divide. We've had the windows and doors installed and it feels like a proper room now! 

I'm in love with the utility window which fits in so well with the rest of the Georgian house. The doors are fairly modern, we wanted as much glass as possible and as thin as possible but they still look good with the back of the house and I can't wait to see them when all the kitchen and patio is finished! I'm giddy with excitement for it all now.

On Thursday I went into London for lunch with Esther. I've loved her for SO long, we've chatted on blogs/twitter/insta for years. She's the wife of Giles Coren who I also love and she's interviewed mefor a piece in the Mail back in November. So having lunch with her was the dream, total fan girl...

Also found the prettiest streets on my way to The Providores in Marylebone.

Wow this is turning into a really long post. But I love looking back on these photos. The bulbs are all shooting up by our front door, Spring is definitely a springing.

I was involved in a Mother's Day campaign with Abbott Lyon watches this week. Swoooning over my new rose gold pink watch, you can get 25% off all watches with the code RS25 until the 4th April.

On Friday I started winding down for my week off. I went to stock up for Easter and buy everything for the special Mother's Day dinner I was making. FLOWER love.

And on Friday night the birthday weekend could begin! My friends picked me up for dinner with our whole gang at my fav restaurant for an early Birthday dinner. 

 A new dress and dinner under an olive tree.

And then the weekend! I'll be back with all the photos from this gorgeous weekend, the start of all the celebrations soon {so excited for a Birthday cake this week - it's the little things!}. Hope you've had a good one.

R <3 xx 

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