Happy Weekend {Week 11, the 2017 Edition}

March 17, 2017

Happy Friday!! A very quick post from me today as I wanted to get this up before the weekend and before Ben finishes work {his commute is currently from inside our house to the kitchen extension ha}. This week has been crazy for us both and tonight is our first normal night in together since last Thursday! But onwards and upwards, the kitchen has come on so much this week. A photo diary below.. 

L A S T   W E E K E N D 

That Zara top that the whole of Instagram has gone crazy for. Last Saturday we headed into Richmond for a lunch date at Petersham Nurseries, it turned out to be really warm and felt like the first proper day of Spring. I've got loads of photos so I might make Richmond into a separate post? 

We came home via the garden centre to pick up some seed compost and a few new plants. I'm obsessed with primroses at the moment that come in every colour of the rainbow. Then it was a chilled afternoon with Ben watching the rugby before dinner and a lovely evening at his Mum's. 

On Sunday we went for a long walk before the rain came and then got back into bed for a while with the papers. My idea of heaven. We finally got round to sowing some seeds for the garden and allotment, I think I talked about us aiming to do it in last Friday's post. We had some friends and family pop round in the afternoon to have a look at the extension and catch up and then we had a roast at my parents. 

M O N D A Y 

Monday was beautiful. I had a tonne of work to do so I got up early to go for a run and then got onto my laptop for the rest of the day. My Grandparents popped round to see the kitchen progress. This week has been so so great for progress actually as my Uncle has come down to help out, having a fourth person has really pushed it on and this week the scaffolding has come down, the insulation is all finished and the electrics and plaster boarding has started. It feels so much more like a room now. At the end of next week the doors will go in! On Monday night I had a barre class and Ben worked late on the extension. 

T U E S D A Y 

On Tuesday morning my Mum and I got up stupidly early to go antiquing at my favourite vintage market. {Blog posts on it here and here}. I was actually very restrained and didn't go mad on the buying front this time but I did pick up some amazing French pretty rusty chairs for the garden that were a bargain. I went looking for garden supports but couldn't find any! Picked up another barn star though of course. Came home, got on my laptop to do some work, nipped into town to take some Zara bits back then that evening I drove to Surrey on an eBay mission for a door for our utility room. I was exhausted by the end of it, driving round the whole M25 from early to late that day. But luckily the door was worth it!

W E D N E S D A Y 

Wednesday was such a beautiful day but I spent most of it sat under my laptop in here {wishing I was outside painting the summerhouse!}. I had pilates in the morning then worked until 4ish and then caught the last of the sun on a dog walk with my Mum. It was so warm and so unexpected!

That evening I went out for a pizza date with two of my oldest girlfriends. We ate a lot of pizza and I never laugh like I do when I'm with them, love them. Denim, ruffles and a bit of sparkle. - Primark shirt!


Yesterday I took about two photos! You can tell when I've had a boring day from the amount of photos taken. I worked from bed in the morning then whizzed round to do a bit of cleaning in the afternoon. I can never resist popping out to the extension a few times a day when I'm on the lunch or tea run seeing whats happening - the photo above makes me so excited as it feels so light in there now the plasterboard is going on and that was a grey day. I'm dreaming of the day I can bake a cake in there and look out onto the garden.

F R I D A Y 

This morning's pretty sunrise. I took the day off as I feel like I've finally got on top of most of my work for the next few days. I still got up early for a HIIT class though and the sky was beautiful. I met my Dad for a walk with the pup and loved the blue skies although it's a lot colder today - feels like we go one step forward and then a couple back! {how British obsessing over the weather..}

And now I've just got back from meeting an old friend for a big catch up over lunch and cake.  

Who knew vegan chocolate cake could be so yummy? 

Stopped to pick up some treats and food shopping for the weekend after and then came home to a couple of early Birthday presents - roses for the garden - and half of the garden with a new fence yay! I'll write a blog post on our garden updates soon but we wanted to unify the fencing and hedging, I love it so far although it makes it look so so different and a bit too new! This weekend we'll go out to buy some pretty climbing plants to wind their way across it and plant the new climbing roses. 

So happy for new roses. My family know me too well.

Blooms for the weekend.

So I'd better go and start cooking {venison meatballs tonight and they always take ages - especially in our temporary kitchen with the micro oven - renovation life} and then we have so much TV to catch up on. I'm excited for the new Designated Survivor on Netflix and Broadchurch. Still loving This is Us too and also Mutiny. Have you heard about the new series LOVE on Netflix? I keep hearing about it so need to look it up.

This weekend our plans will revolve around the electrician - can't wait to have the extension finished and get back to normality where we don't have to discuss things like lighting plans or where we want all the sockets to go on a Saturday morning!  - and also the rugby {rolls eyes}. But I hope we'll have some chill out time, maybe go out for dinner and do some more in the garden if the weather looks good? 

Let me know if you have any requests for blog posts and I'll do my best!

Back next week, have a lovely weekend. R <3 xx 

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  1. It all looks so brilliant Rebecca. It is so easy to be excited for you and cheerlead it all on. I think your blog just might be my absolute fave 🙌😘, so thanks for all the inspiration xxx
    Jessica (@homeisacottage)

  2. all your photos are so pretty ahh



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