Sleep Secrets {The real reason that I've been sleeping like a baby recently}...

September 13, 2017

I find that sleep can make or break you. When I've had enough sleep I feel ready to conquer anything and have so much energy that I feel I need to burn off before I can even think about going to bed. But when I'm exhausted, I just want to curl up and well.. sleep - I'm less productive, feel hungrier and definitely notice my immune system drop when I'm tired - not good with all the winter bugs coming up. I always find that I sleep so much better in hotel beds so recently I've been on a mission to make our own bed as hotel like as possible {and I've honestly been looking forward to going to bed, and waking up really refreshed, every night since!}

My parents are kind of obsessed with sleep. Most middle aged people I know tend to really struggle with insomnia of some kind, it seems like as you get older it gets harder to sleep? As a result my Dad is keen to read any article he can about getting better sleep and passes lots of tips my way. For example, they've tried taking magnesium supplements before bed, cutting out alcohol, not eating heavy meals/red meat/garlic before bed, drinking cherry juice, warm milk - you name it they've tried it. One of the best things though that my parents and staying in hotels has taught me is to really invest in your bedding choices and making your bed as comfy as possible so that even if you really can't sleep, you feel like you're floating on a cloud just laying in bed resting. 

For me I'm lucky that as long as there's nothing too stressful on my mind, after reading or watching TV I always fall asleep really easily and generally get 8-10 hours every night {I'm a morning person rather than night owl}. But for me the biggest thing in stopping me sleeping is temperature - I hate being too hot or too cold. So when a company called Woolroom got in touch about sending some 100% natural pillows, duvet and a mattress topper which regulate temperature {and stay cool in the summer yet keep you warm in the winter} I was excited to try it out. Coincidentally, my parents actually discovered Woolroom a couple of years back and have been buying all of their bedding from there ever since - swearing especially by the deluxe mattress topper! 

All of Woolroom's products are hypoallergenic {if I ever sleep with duck down pillows I wake up almost having an asthma attack!} and made from natural wool in England which helps to support British farmers and gives you the best kind of ingredients to sleep well. Scientific studies have shown that sleeping with wool bedding helps you gain 25% more deep regenerative sleep compared to other bedding types. Don't you think that's amazing? Just from sleeping under wool, you sleep much more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed.

We ordered two wool pillows which I thought might be too thin for me, I'd been sleeping with two pillows before but actually it's the perfect level of support for my neck and isn't too soft yet not too hard - I feel like goldilocks!

We also ordered the award winning deluxe mattress topper which I was really excited to try.

And a deluxe warm wool duvet which is intelligent enough to make me warmer yet my husband who is always hot, cooler so there's no more fighting over the duvet or being too hot/cold! You can read all the science behind it here if you're interested {definitely worth a read}

The mattress topper straps on to your bed and you can see in the photo above just how cloud like it looks! We put this on our bed a couple of weeks back and have loved getting into bed ever since. I'm amazed at how it has made us feel like we've got a brand new bed. We like a fairly firm mattress yet this makes you sink into the squishy part, feeling like you've got support from the mattress but the comfort of a marshmallow {is that a cliche?!} whilst crucially not making you too hot.

The duvet at first I felt looked a little thin compared to our old 13 tog duvet, but actually when you're underneath it feels weighty and again manages to get you to just the right temperature like magic. We've had a few chilly nights recently but I haven't woken up feeling too hot like I did with our last duvet, nor not been able to sleep because I've felt too cold. I have really bad circulation and my temperature can change really quickly yet the wool reacts to your own microclimate. 

I'm converted! And I guess when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to sleep under and above natural products - it's what nature intended. I also love the fact that it's a British company.

If you're unsure about whether it's worth the cost {it is a fairly spendy investment although a one off and is completely machine washable}, Woolroom give you a 30 day sleep guarantee so that if you don't find it's working for you, you can return it.

Do you sleep under wool? Are you intrigued to try it out? Our bed definitely feels hotel worthy now!

You can find out more on Woolroom online here. And details of our bedroom makeover here and where everything is from online here.

R <3 xx

{With thanks to Woolroom. This is a sponsored post but I promise I would never recommend anything I didn't truly love or wouldn't buy myself.}

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