Travel - Snapshots from Mauritius {Part Two - Constance Le Prince Maurice}

September 21, 2017

Part two of our trip to Mauritius a couple of weeks back - you can see part one here. We second honeymooned {if that's not a thing, I'm making it into one...} at Constance Le Prince Maurice back in 2015 and have struggled to find a resort to beat it ever since. So whilst we were out in Mauritius with a work trip we tagged on a stay at LPM for the rest of our trip and it was even better than we remembered. The service, the incredible staff {most of which we remembered from the first time and have been here for 20 years plus}, the food - oh the food!!, the pure luxury, the pool, the floating restaurant with the shark swimming around and the pink sunset skies. It was a completely blissful few days where we did very little {and a ate a hell of a lot! The lunches we had just on the beach here in our swimwear were some of the best we've ever ever eaten.} We took bikes out a couple of times to cycle through the local villages and to experience a market, but other than that we took the time as a complete switch off, just reading, walking along the beach, sunbathing, eating the aforementioned most incredible food and having time to just talk properly without any distraction and make plans. It was pure paradise. The kind of holiday where by the end you were so well rested that you're actually ready to come home {which almost never happens!}. Photos for me to look back on below which you're welcome to have a peek at if you'd like... {and if you're looking for a full review I wrote about this resort for So You're Getting Married here a couple of years back}

R <3 xx 

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