Style - What I'm Coveting this Autumn

September 29, 2017

Autumn is here!! Jumpers, boots, falling leaves, coats, scarves, tights! I love wearing tights and boots and I'm even just happy wearing jeans again after a summer of bare legs. I feel this time of year is perfect style wise when it's not freezing -  you don't need gloves yet, it's not bitter against your face, yet you can wrap up just a little bit, play with layering and paint your nails in a deep oxblood colour. Whilst I try not to stuff my wardrobe anymore full than it already is and most of the things I wear I've had for a few years, you always want a couple of new pieces to mix in for each new season. I've been ordering a few new bits for a trip to New York at the end of next week {!!} as well as the months ahead. A few things I've been coveting recently;

 - These Chelsea boots, with just a hint of leopard. They're super comfy and look great with both jeans and tights. I sprayed mine with a waterproof protector before wearing.

- This waterproof wax parker. I'm always after the perfect coat for the new season. For me, that means being waterproof, having a good hood, being long enough and warm enough without looking like you're a Michelin man. It also needs to look good and be a neutral colour to work with all my other accessories. I finally find it with this coat, it's a parker yet waxy and is 100% waterproof as well as having a removable {beautiful patterned silky} lining so you can wear on those muggy damp days as well as when it's freezing. I'm actually wishing we'd have a few more rainy days just so I've got an excuse to wear it!

- This will basically be my uniform. Look at the coat's lining!

- Cardigans and coatigans to layer up. I bought this recently {now unfortunately sold out, hopefully it will come back in?} and have got a grey coatigan from last year which is perfect for wearing as an outer layer if it's fairly mild or under a coat in the winter. Camel and grey tend to be my favourite colours for these.

- Tops/dresses. Mostly all from Zara in store/on their app, I find their website a bit useless. Also this burnt orange dress. And this shirt {IN LOVE}. Give me all the tartan shirts/dark florals at this time of year. Also I was surprised at some of Primark's latest offerings, I'm wearing today a navy blue blouse which looks 10 x more expensive than it actually was, and a plaid shirt that's really thick and such a bargain.

- Scarves. You can never have too many right? Most of mine are still good from last year but I'm investing in a couple of new ones - This soft scarf is just up my street. I also have a Leopard scarf I have barely taken off from Zara. You want it as big and soft as possible!

- I'm struggling jumper wise this season. I picked up some oversized jumpers from Primark that were great value and perfect for walking the dog in but they just don't feel that amazing. I ordered loads from H&M and sent them all back. I'm definitely ordering this This fairisle jumper though along with this cream cable knit and in the meantime I'll keep hunting!

- Likewise I always wear these jeans but this year my size just isn't in stock!! I need to order double when they finally come back in {and in the meantime hope mine don't wear out before then}. Somebody recommended H&M for jeans but I looked on their website and it's a minefield! I just detest jeans shopping but I think I might have to bite the bullet and go soon. I'm hoping I might find a good pair in New York?

- Accessorises - I'm all about leopard right now. Not too much, but just a little bit here and there. Bag wise I wanted a change from my classic handbags that are fairly big so I recently invested in a new Mulberry satchel, it's really tiny but I love it for just chucking a couple of cards in, an anker charger, keys and a lipstick. If I have a big bag I'm likely to just haul around a load of unnecessary stuff with me. Also sometimes you just want to be more hands free, I'm in love with this Backpack of dreams and think it would look so smart against a navy or camel coat?!

- Hats are very hit and miss but I've just ordered this Bobble hat to try and hope it fits! But I've also spotted this one which has inter changable pom-poms depending on what else you're wearing - love that idea.

What are you loving at the moment? 

R <3 xx

{I was sent some of the items in this post but as always would only ever promote things I truly love and would buy myself. And that's a promise.}

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  1. I love the River Island Molly jegging/jeans though I literally never find anything else I like in there. Also recently discovered Mint Velvets beautifully fitted jeans thanks to a friends recommendation but they're a bit pricier (so many other beautiful bits in that shop though!).


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