Musings // Happy Weekend {A Spring Catch Up}

April 15, 2018

Hello! A quick catch up of the last couple of weeks before I finish packing as we’re off to Florida on a family trip tomorrow! Which means crazy excitement in equal measures for time in the sunshine state and for uninterrupted time spent with my nutty favourite people. We’ve already agreed a no phone ban at mealtimes and I’m hoping we can all really switch off. It’s been ages since we’ve all been away together. We’ll be flying into Orlando for a few days and then heading to the gulf coast and staying in Marco island/the Naples area.

After what felt like the longest, coldest, wettest winter for a long while, Spring has finally sprung {about a month late!}. Those warm sunny blue sky days over the past couple of weeks have felt extra special knowing that the grey would return in between {and foggy days that looked more like November than April!}. We’ve been out in the garden, cutting the grass, tidying up for the season ahead & starting lots in the greenhouse along with enjoying the blossom, magical magnolias in bloom and some dinner dates with balmy April evenings. Along with a Girl's dinner date with three of my favourites.

We had three lots of dinner parties at ours trying to catch up with everyone before we head off again. Friends & their gorgeous bubba last Saturday, some family for a roast on Sunday and then his Dad over midweek. I say dinner parties, I just mean low key dinners where the focus is on just catching up.
I can’t not mention our obsession with this season’s Masterchef too. It’s such a commitment and one we haven’t made over the last couple of years but wow this season was incredible. And with the weather we’ve enjoyed staying in and binge watching it, finally getting caught up enough to watch the final week live. It’s hard to explain how a cookery program can be addictive but I feel lost now it’s over. Although it kind of marks the new season with light evenings where no doubt we’ll be out for walks/sorting the allotment once we’re back from Florida and won’t really watch much tv this summer.

It’s been so good staying home these past couple of weeks. I had one day in London for work and then we’ve had the odd half day out but mostly just staying home and working/sorting out stuff rather than rushing here there and everywhere has been what I’ve needed. And knowing that Florida was coming up has probably made me enjoy the simple domestic things more compared to wishing I was away somewhere/feeling all cabin fevered.

Some photos from the past couple of weeks;

A few days of sandals/no jumper weather! Hooray.

Candles & flowers make any rainy day better

Heavenly sweet peas from The Real Flower Co, the first of the season.

Excited to get the new bathroom finished in the next few weeks!

Muscari still filling the house.

Florals, stripes & embroidery at KJ's laundry {a new fav boutique in London}

Fresh stripes!

Ask's new menu is perfect for Spring.

A girl's dinner - in love with my friend Amy's donut inspired nails

Magnolia heart eyes

Finishing off the bedroom {ish}, just waiting for our decorator now in May.

Potting on cosmos in the greenhouse

Caught in the insta act.

Spring blooms by my bed

Blossom heaven

*those sweet peas* and *that* top I pretty much haven't taken off for the past couple of weeks

Who knew Nando's had such a strong tile game?! Catching up with some of my girls.

Magnolia heaven in London

Broderie forever

Sorting out the garden for Spring


I love having our kitchen doors wide open and fresh flowers.


A sunny Saturday in Hampstead with the pup

London pup.

Tulips by the front door

Kenwood House

The greenhouse is filling up!

Sowing veg seeds and hoping they'll come up by the time we're home.

Back soon! In the meantime, I'm sure you'll find me on Instagram.

R <3 xx

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