Travel //a day in Malibu, LA {California Part Two}

February 01, 2019

Oh that sunny, sunny day in Malibu. It was the day that we were leaving LA, and the first day of sunshine after almost a week straight of rain, also the first fun thing we were doing after the hospital scare that had shaken me up a little, so this felt almost like the first proper day of this holiday. The first proper warm sunshine on our skin, the first time we dipped our toes in the sea and walked barefoot along the beach for miles. Plus the fact that we were in Malibu, such a dreamy part of this Californian coastline that I've read and followed so much about and just was so happy to be here exploring it all. I've shared my top tips below along with our travelogue from our day there. With Miley Cyrus on loop singing Malibuuuu all day long of course...

In short, don't miss;
- Malibu Farm, on the pier. This organic cafe {at the end of the pier, open for breakfast and lunch everyday} and the organic restaurant {at the beginning, open for lunch and dinner during the week and breakfast at weekends} is a local institution. Eat right next to the ocean with a fresh, mixed menu {think Daylesford} and fresh juices. 
- Duke's Malibu for lots of seafood and fish tacos, again with a view.
- A bit more pricey but a famous spot, where you're likely to star spot is Nobu, overlooking the beach {next to Soho House's little beach house}
- Malibu Country Mart, for a mix of shops - mainly high end. Not the country mart you'd expect.
- Best beaches are El Matador State Beach for killer views, especially at sunset but a bit of a trek down.
- Paradise Cove Beach
- Lechuza Beach Malibu
- Carbon Beach/Surfrider Beach that carries on from the Pier, walk down to the end {towards LA} for dream houses overhanging the sand. Some of it is private property but you're allowed to stick to the shoreline. They call this Millionaires' Row.
- Also, only applicable if you're a Soho House Everyhouse member but you can request a day pass to Little Beach House Malibu which is incredible.
- Everywhere seems to be paid parking in the beach lots in Malibu but you can park for free along the highway in most spots.
- We didn't stay, just visited for the day, but if you are looking to stay here for a few nights then the Surfrider Hotel looks incredible, has been on the cover of Conde Nast in the short time it's been open and was designed by a Byron Bay couple so you can imagine the vibe. 

Leaving Venice for Malibu and the start of the next part of our trip. Blue skies and palm trees on Abbott Kinney with the tunes on before we got onto Highway One. The holiday truly started here.

Our first stop was Lechuza Beach, and basically spying on all the insane properties around this spot. 

Can you imagine living here? Overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset into the water every cloudless day?

Along with the beauty, we unfortunately saw a lot of the leftover fire damage from November that devastated a lot of the area. 

Our next stop was El Matador State Beach, which I didn't actually include many photos on, I think the only one is above with the staircase down as the tide was in so it was super disappointing compared to the photos we'd seen of this spot. I'm sure when the tide is out, and in the evenings it's a magical spot and a favourite for lots of photoshoots. 

My favourite LA Based store, Burro Goods at the Malibu Country Mart. Quick stop at the shops before it was almost time for lunch.

Malibu Farm had been top of my list to eat at all trip, and we'd planned to have either breakfast or lunch there. Until the very day before when we manged to get into Little Beach House Malibu last minute. So we didn't ever get to eat there! Next time for sure. It looked so gorgeous and everyone I'd spoken to who had been there had recommended it.

How gorgeous is this restaurant?!

Malibu's surfrider pier.

Can never have too many photos with this guy <3.

Gallery wall goals.

A couple of sneaky photos from Little Beach House Malibu, but how could I resist when it's that gorgeous.

And a dream, dream lunch setting overlooking the ocean spotting dolphins. Lunch was probably one of our best meals of this whole trip actually, and in hindsight we were so glad that we skipped Malibu Farm. It was a lunch buffet with the most amazing salads, mac n cheese, bbq meat/fish and desserts. It really was such a happy day.

Before an afternoon on the sunloungers soaking up the vitamin D and watching the waves below.

If we hadn't felt so full from that lunch and wanted a beach walk, I think we would have stayed here all day.

I practically ran down onto the sand. Not much beats a beach walk.

We walked for miles along past the houses, wondering which famous names live here.

And then, time to say goodbye to Malibu as we had a drive down to Orange County with Friday rush-hour traffic to contend with. I could have stayed until sunset though.

I'm already looking forward to coming back to Malibu whenever we can come back to LA in the future, it's hard to describe the charm of this place set between the ocean, the highway running through and the hills behind. But I think you'll agree that there's something special about it if you've been?

Will share our San Clemente/Laguna trip next!

R <3 xx 

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