Valentine's 2019 ❤

February 20, 2019

Valentine's Day, you either love it or hate it I think. But I've always been a huge fan. Not of the forced romance, or the fact men feel guilt tripped into buying flowers or cards. But of the celebration of love, the cute hearts, the pretty flowers and an excuse to decorate the house. I think as well, at this time of year, in mid February, it's something to break up the winter a little before Spring really kicks in. This year, Ben and I did the least that we've ever done to 'celebrate' - we didn't even write or share cards. But it still felt special, mainly because we're wrapped up in all things baby right now which feels like a new kind of romance in itself. But I still found the time to bake some cookies. I liked chatting to some of you on Instagram about the 'cycle' of Valentine's Day, the way that new couples get wrapped up in it and make a big deal {like I guess we have for the past however many years, we've always made a really big deal of it, I liked seeing my Facebook memories post of the years gone by and all that we've done to celebrate}, and then you get to that stage where love means so much more than Valentine's. It's the little things everyday, it's the unexpected romance throughout the year. Children might come along and that becomes so much more than buying a bunch of roses. But then, a lot of you have said that you're now at the stage where you've gone full circle, and actually because children or work or life gets in the way, it's a nice way to actually have a special date together.
A few photos of the past week below, as is tradition...

Flowers everywhere. My favourite.

A pretty display.

We were in America a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day where they go crazy for Valentine's. As in, three huge aisles in every shop, and I think there's a tradition for children to give a card or packet of sweets to every child in their class for Valentine's Day? Cute. What it meant for me was more Valentine's paraphernalia that I probably didn't need to bring home with me, but couldn't resist these cookie cutters from Target.

Ombre icing.

Sweets for my sweet. A tradition I'm not ready to give up just yet.

The annual lounge decorating <3.

Valentine's appropriate clothes. Alll the hearts please. {Joules very kindly sent the above jumper and shirt}

We had planned a Valentine's lunch and day out but had been so busy that week with a full day out for our 20 week scan and a John Lewis Nursery appointment, followed by hypnobirthing for half a day on the Friday, that we realised that we probably couldn't justify more time out so decided to cook a special dinner in together instead.

Like some of our very first Valentine's together <3. We cooked a seafood risotto, scallops and a roasted cauliflower starter trying to recreate a favourite of ours from a restaurant in Palm Springs - it worked!,  followed by raspberry souffles {see this old blog post}. - if it looks like there's a lot of food here, there was! We doubled it up for a couple of day's worth of dinners. 

Cooking together, albeit all a bit rushed because we were starving, was fun and then we went out shopping in Homesense for a rug for the nursery! 

This Valentine's was definitely all about this growing baby Bee. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

R <3 xx 

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