Pregnancy // How we chose our Pram {a Bugaboo Fox first review} *gift

April 11, 2019

When you're pregnant, there's suddenly so much to start thinking about and this whole new world of parenting/baby shopping that you didn't really know existed, and where to even begin {or at least that's how we felt}. Everyone kept asking us if we'd started to look at buggies yet, but we didn't want to look at anything until I got to the 12 week scan, and even after that felt it would be better to wait until the 20 week scan. So for a long while, it all seemed far away and something we didn't have to think about yet. Then, we got home from California and realised that we'd better start getting organised! I've spoken before about how we booked a John Lewis Nursery Appointment around the 20 week mark which was really helpful in starting us off to get an understanding of exactly what we'd need, and what brands were out there. The buggy, and travel system, was definitely the biggest decision to make and something that we'd be using everyday for the next couple of years, or beyond, and felt super important to get right. I'd love to share some key things that helped us decide which buggy to go for and why we've chosen the Bugaboo Fox*we have received the Bugaboo Fox as a PR gift but, as ever, all opinions are 100% my own.

I'd had an email from the lovely Bugaboo PR right when we announced our pregnancy, but we wanted to keep a really open mind into what would be best for us so looked at lots of different brands. Although as it so happened, our John Lewis nursery advisor couldn't speak highly enough about Bugaboo as a brand. A few other buggies that we were drawn to she said they'd received a lot of returns for and that the quality just isn't as good as Bugaboo. 

Probably the biggest thing that attracted us to the brand was the ease of manoeuvring the buggy, we got all of the prams off the stands in the shop and practiced pushing them and noticed a huge difference with the Bugaboo's in the ease of pushing it and turning, with just one finger {I'm not joking!}.

This photo was our first look at prams, 

Over the next couple of weeks, we went away and researched some more. Suddenly having this new sport of 'spot the buggy brand' when we were out and about. It's amazing just how many there are on the streets when you start to look. We asked our friends with babies what they thought about their prams and what was the main things they'd recommend us looking out for or what they felt was the biggest pros/cons that they've learnt with everyday use.

The other brands we looked at, and strongly considered, were Uppababy and Joolz. In fact, we narrowed it down to these three and then spent an evening asking Instagram {of course!} and watching Youtube video reviews {I'd really recommend doing this as there are a lot of American comparison videos where they'll have two brands side by side and compare everything from folding down to how small they go to to the sun shades}. In the end, it was a video that swung it for us from the Uppababy Vista to the Bugaboo Fox.

Actually, I should go back a little at this point. Once we'd decided on a couple of brands to compare, we then had to look at which models. Each buggy brand has a few different models built to suit different needs and lifestyles. Do you live in a city and need something compact for ease of the trains/buses? Or the countryside where you want big wheels for off-roading? Do you want something that converts into a double buggy for the future? Folds down easily to store? Will it fit in your boot? Will it be sturdy enough and built well in the long run? These were all questions we asked ourselves and in the end read up and decided that Bugaboo's newest model, the Fox, would be the best for us for the following reasons;

- All of Bugaboo's buggies are named after animals depending on what they're most suited to. The Fox means it's adaptable and can live in both urban and countryside environments. Just like we do! The wheels are the best of all surfaces, as it can go smoothly across grass/fields or pavements and gives a smooth ride across all terrains {you can even take it on the sand with a special two wheel drag system!}. We live in a village, with both pavements, canal towpaths and fields yet we also go into London fairly often so this seemed like the best mix. Whenever anybody comes into our house and sees the buggy {we've felt so proud of it in our snug room so far we've left it out haha!}, I say 'feel how easy it is to push!' and make them spin it around because it does just feel the most incredible thing to push one handed, or even with your finger. The Fox is the newest model and Bugaboo have taken all of the best parts of their other pushchairs and put them into this one.

- It was really important to me that our baby would be comfortable in the pram, to start with for the first 6 months there's a lie flat bassinet {which was longer and bigger than most we looked at, invaluable as two of our friend's babies were almost too big for their buggies too soon} with really soft fleece underneath. This can lift off if your baby is asleep and whilst I don't think you could use it for overnight sleeping, would be perfect to use for naps in the day or garden as an almost extra moses basket. This then converts at 6 months into a more upright seat {the fabric kind of pushes in and you add a different strap system but I liked this point as it means we wouldn't have a big bassinet to store in the loft when not in use!}. And the baby can then be front, towards you, or outwards facing to the world.

- The brand is Dutch {as it seems a lot of buggy brands are?} but Bugaboo have a particularly good reputation for being built to last, safety and their impressive quality and it has a huge global following and customer base around the world {I looked at soo many photos of their buggies being used on their instagram account and loved seeing just how global brand it is}.

- I had a few messages from people on Instagram who are now onto their second, or third, baby with their Bugaboo and they've just updated the fabrics to make it feel new but the base is built to last {and built with sustainable materials, the hood is made from recycled bottles which is pretty cool}. Because of this, a lot of parents messaged me to say that they hold their value well if you come to sell it second hand in the future which is a big plus for a lot of people.

- It's lightweight, the chassis, seat and wheels are all under 10kg meaning it's not too heavy when you're trying to lift it in and out of the car or into your house. Crucially, it also has a big enough storage basket for shopping underneath too and is sturdy enough not to tip with a changing bag hooked on {I hate it when buggies do that!}. The brakes feel really sturdy too yet can be flicked easily with one foot.

- It folds into one piece, with just one hand! So it feels really robust and strong, not flimsy, yet is also ultralight and compact. But for storage, it can fit easily into a car {the wheels even come off if you need it to lay properly flat} and it can stand up on it's own so would sit in the corner of a hallway or room or even cupboard when not in use. It seems easy to use, although I still need a little more practice, but it was important for when I'm out on my own that I know how to put it up and down or lift the bassinet off. Bugaboo say that 'everything white has a purpose' so you know the buttons to push to fold it up and down, I like the definitive clicks as well to know that it's all in place properly.

- Some buggies we looked at looked too tiny! Almost dolls like and felt too close to the ground, Ben and I are both pretty tall so we wanted it to look in proportion and have the baby as high up as possible {yet not compromising it being tooo big for folding etc}. The handles are adjustable too and Ben tried it a lot to make sure he'd be comfortable pushing it. Equally though, my Mum is quite short and she wanted to make sure it would adjust for her pushing it too!

- The hood had the best sun cover protection out of all the others we looked at, it has an extra bit of the hood zipped away so you can open this and pull it right down to block out the light {hopefully good for naptimes!} without the worry of overheating like covering with a blanket would do {that can create a greenhouse effect}.

- It easily works with lots of carseat brands, and has two little adapter clips to slot on meaning you can use the base to wheel your carseat around. This was really important to us, as friends said if your baby is asleep in the car and you're nipping to the shops, you don't always want to wake them to transport them into the bassinet, instead you can just clip their carseat onto the base and off you go. {it's recommended that babies lay flat for the first 6 months as much as possible so time in their carseat is limited, but for quick trips to the doctors/shops it will be handy}.

- A silly point but a worthwhile one, the wheels are made from foam rather than being air filled so you'll never have a puncture to deal with!

- And lastly, I love the look of it - which is definitely not a reason to buy it solely on that alone but it is really important you like the look of it when you're going to be pushing it for miles on end and using it almost every day! There were so many colour choices and style options - I realllly wanted tan leather handles with grey fabric so I loved being able to create our dream pram online with the custom builder - you can choose everything from the base colour {in black or aluminium} to the wheel finishes. And Bugaboo sell some really great add on accessories to go with all prams and you could always buy a different colour hood or seat if you wanted to change up the look of it sometime. We need to buy a travel case for it if we take it abroad with us.

- The only thing it doesn't do, is convert into a double buggy. At first I thought this might be an issue for us, but actually a few parents messaged who had the other buggy we were considering {uppababy vista which does convert} but they said that it's not great to use at all as a double buggy compared to a single, and it's time when you can use it as a double is limited to a few months with a new baby. The Bugaboo Fox has a buggy board attachment for toddlers, but a} we don't know when we'd think about having a second baby anyway and b} we could always use a carrier or buggy board if our eldest baby was still using it at that time. Which is so strange to think about given that our first baby isn't even here yet!

- Also, a couple of close Insta friends have had babies in the last few months and their advice and recommendations on the Bugaboo Fox really confirmed to us too that this was definitely the right pram for us.

Our buggy is the; Bugaboo Fox, with the grey melange carrycot and sun canopy, aluminium chassis, grey melange seat fabric, cognac grips and glossy black wheels.

with the extended canopy down

it folds down even smaller than this and the wheels come off.

the only extras you need to turn it into a seat.

When it turns into a seat it will look like this;



You can find more online at Bugaboo here.

Of course, our baby isn't here and we haven't started using it yet so I'll be sure to update you once we do start using it, but I thought this might be helpful for those who are just starting to look at prams, and who have messaged saying 'what have you gone for, where did you even begin'. Because it does feel such a minefield! But we're so, so thrilled with the Bugaboo Fox and I'm desperate to take it for a walk already {although might get some very strange looks without a baby in it?!}. I wanted to share a photo of me pushing it but get a little funny about tempting fate so will wait until the baby is here and we can start using it.

R <3 xx

*we have received the Bugaboo Fox as a PR gift but not in exchange for this post, all opinions are 100% my own

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  1. We have the Bugaboo Fox and I absolutely love it!! Our little boy is 8 months and I can honestly say we have used it every day. Apart from on holiday as we didn’t want it to get damaged in transport! (We got a yo-yo for travel which I can also recommend as it can fit in the overhead and is so easy for travel!)
    One extra tip for the Fox if you turn the white lock clips in the center of the pram, once you have done the initial collapse, then this collapses the chassis completely flat!
    Also you’ll be pleased to know we have used it on the beach numerous times and didn’t even need to use the two wheel function we were able to just push or pull the 4 wheels! :) Another great item is the bugaboo organiser I eventually bought it and it is so handy wished I’d bought it sooner! (Maybe one for the baby shower list? ��)
    Enjoy! ��

  2. Hi Rebecca, just to say it might be worth double checking with Bugaboo about using the bassinet for overnight sleeping. We had a Silvercross Wayfarer and Hunter spent at least one night in the bassinet when we visited my mum for a night when he was really small. It was pretty much the same size as his Moses basket and had a safe, well fitted mattress and sheet. You probably won't need to use it for that, but handy to know you've got the option if you're staying away and don't have room in the car for a travel cot! xx


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