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April 25, 2019

Although our main purpose of our Spring trip back to Amsterdam was to see the tulips {see this post on Part One here}, we decided to stay in the city again for two nights as we'd loved it so much last time {our Autumn trip exploring the city is online here}.

We got the train from the airport after dropping off the hire car into the city. It takes about 20 minutes and costs around 5 euros. From there, we walked the 15 minutes to Soho House where we were staying again. In fact, the ease of the city and getting around is a huge reason for why we love it so much, once you're in Amsterdam, it's small enough to easily walk around to see everything rather than needing to use public transport or Ubers to get around like many other bigger cities. It just feels like such an easy break, from the quick cheap flights to just being able to wander around. I already know we'll come back again sometime, which we wouldn't say about many places. 

I talked last time on the blog about how I'd had a bad image of Amsterdam, from the red light district to the weed cafes, but if you stay away from those, it's the most beautiful, relaxed city full of canals and incredible architecture. 

I shared lots of recommendations last time on what to do/where to eat etc so that's linked here if you're visiting for the first time. To save you looking through all of my photos that I wanted to share on here to look back on, on this trip we basically just enjoyed doing similar as before - rewalking around some favourite neighbourhoods but we did discover a couple of new places that I wanted to share:
For pizza La Perla Pizza was delicious, and for ice cream, IJscuypje is amazing.
We love Vondel Park for a wander, and Marqt for picking up lunch supplies. 

If we'd have had time on our last day and it had been open, getting the ferry from Centraal over to Amsterdam Noord was recommended to us, and there's a really good looking sourdough pizza place across the water too. It looked like a lovely place to visit on a sunny day. 

We'll also go back to the beach towns again when we come in the future, you can get the train out to them. And remember the towns of Haarlem/Leiden/The Hague nearby if your stay is longer in Amsterdam. 

The last time we visited it was October and the trees were just losing their leaves, it was all autumn toned and beautiful. This time, it was Spring and the leaves were just coming into bud, leaving the city all vibrant and bright green. I can't decide which I preferred, so gorgeous in both seasons. 

We booked cheap rates again at Soho House, at 118 euros a night for a 'Tiny Room' we couldn't have found an Airbnb with a better location and price - and of course, what's not to love about Soho House?! Particularly their huge comfy beds, the Cowshed toiletries that mean you hardly have to pack, the food and the rooftop pool! 

We were lucky that they had a room on the canal side this time so we loved having the view of the canal from the large art deco style windows.

The view below.

Adore this rooftop.

It's really nice returning to a place actually when you've already explored it, to know where you want to focus on this time rather than trying to cram everything in or research it all. In fact, with this trip we didn't have much on the agenda at all. Just wanting to take in the city again, walk the canals, visit Vondel Park and spot tulips along the way. 

We were pretty tired after getting up at 4am to fly out early and our day in the tulips/at the beach so had dinner at Soho House and went to bed! Watching this sunset over the city from our room.

Decor goals.

I'd definitely recommend Amsterdam as a babymoon location. {and it was only when I caught glimpses of my bump in long mirrors like the hotel lift, that I realised just how much I'd popped!}.

Basically all my photos involve bikes, buildings and canals.

And so many photos like this ^, just adore these buildings framed by the trees.

There were tulips all over the city. It's a huge industry for the country so I love how they celebrate it.

Still just so in love with this growing bump, and wanting to take alll the photos to capture it! Dress online here.

We walked all over the city, our favourite neighbourhoods the 9 canals and the Jordaan region down to Vondel Park.

Tulips for sale! Wish we could have taken some home.

We picked up a picnic and ate it by the tulips in Vondel Park.

Stopping at the Reguliersgracht, seven bridges, area on the way back which is one of the prettiest areas in town. 

Stroop waffles and Hema softserve, so Dutch.

In amongst all the walking, it was lovely to have a rooftop to chill out on too {especially to rest these achey feet!}. 

Always the most delicious food, dinner date in the hotel.

Followed by a sunny evening stroll out for ice cream and to pick up breakfast supplies for the next morning.

Hema is a must visit, we especially loved the baby bits this time around.

Waking up to another morning of sunshine, and breakfast in bed.

Although it was only on this trip that a friend messaged to say that cold-pressed juice isn't recommended in pregnancy!! I can't believe I didn't know, it's not on all the lists you read of foods you should avoid. So yeah, no more House Press green juices for me for these next few weeks!  {it's because they're not pasteurised}. 

Pretty views on one last walk around the city.

Tulips for sale at the floating market.

The seven bridges area. On our way to explore the shops around the bohemian De Pijp region.

Just love having no agenda and a pretty city to wander in the sunshine with this guy. 

We loved some of the cool shops around the De Pjip area. Really lovely concept stores.

Discovered Tony's Chocolonely - I kept seeing it on instagram, and then realised that it's a Dutch thing - although it is sold even in Sainsbury's! Such a cool idea, all the chocolate is 100% fair trade/slave free and feels like an old fashioned Willy Wonka bar with all different flavours. 

We stopped for a pizza lunch on our last day at La Perla and it was really delicious pizza. 

Followed by pear and coconut ice cream from that parlour again.

It's amazing just how longer break two nights/three days can feel! A really lovely break and savouring these last few weeks as just two {although of course, we spend almost all our time already talking about our growing baby and how excited we are with everything that's to come <3}. 

R <3 xx 

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