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May 31, 2019

A real highlight of our trip to Ibiza, and a huge part of us booking it, was the day spent on Formentera. I'd seen photos of this small island, accessible by boat just a few miles across from Ibiza, for the past couple of years and couldn't quite believe that the water would really look that colour in Europe. It looked like Rottnest Island, one of our favourite spots in Australia, and I was desperate to visit! 

So early one morning, we took the ferry from Ibiza town across to Formentera for the day. 
We booked our ferry tickets the night before online on their website {and then printed them at the hotel}, it saved about 20 euros by doing so and just meant we didn't have to get there as early to guarantee tickets. In the quieter seasons you could just turn up but in peak seasons I'd definitely recommend going online in advance. We took a walk around the ferry ticket offices the day before to look at the timetables and the look of the boats, and from there decided that Balearia would be best for us. Most of them seem to offer free time changes if your plans change.

We were originally tempted by Aquabus which was the cheapest, but their times for coming back were too late for us after we wanted to get there early and felt like we'd probably have had enough sun by mid afternoon. We were SO glad we didn't go with them in the end as the next day saw their boat coming in and it looked really packed and tiny {aka would feel the waves on the crossing!}, it also takes longer. So I'd recommend spending a little more and going for one of the bigger boats if you can. 

We got the 8am ferry and the crossing took about half an hour. 

Also, I'd recommend checking the weather in advance as we'd intended to go the day before but the forecast was partly cloudy so it was much better to wait for a full sun day to visit and see the island and the beaches at their best. 

The ferry arrives into La Savina, the port area, fulll of beautiful boats. 

From here you can walk to one of the many rental shops around the marina to hire bikes, scooters, quadbikes and even cars for the day to get across the island. If you don't fancy renting something then there is a bus that goes around the island, but we didn't want to be tied to timetables etc. 

We hired bikes, they were just eight euros each for the day plus a refundable deposit. I think the shop was called Formotor. Cycling on holiday is one of our favourite things to do, and although before we visited I was hesitant as to whether I'd feel up to it or not at eight months pregnant, it wasn't too hot and the island was flat so we could just take it slow. We also really toned down our route compared to where we'd have planned to go if I hadn't have been pregnant. The island is around 20km long, but we planned out a little loop around the top part of the island near to the port.

There are cycle routes across the whole island, I found this guide a really great source.

Our first stop, and one of the biggest reasons that we'd wanted to visit, was for Ses Illetes, one of the world's best beaches. 

Just a fifteen minute ride from the ferry port, it's part of a national park. If you go by motorbike or car, you have to pay admission but arriving by bike is free. We locked up our bikes and walked along the beach, it's a peninsula surrounded by three insanely beautiful beaches.

Crystal clear, sparkly water. 

Arriving early, it was about 9.30am by the time we arrived, meant we had it almost all to ourselves to begin with! 

I, of course, had to take a million photos just to remember how dreamy it was. It will be a long time before we step foot on any beaches like this again.

Walk up further and you'll get to the main beach, with a couple of restaurants/beach bars along the boardwalks and umbrellas you can rent on the sand. 

It was a trade off between arriving early and seeing it so lovely and quiet, but also waiting for the sun to get a little higher for it to bounce more light onto that famed turquoise water. In the peak season, this bay is packed with boats. 

This view. Gahhh this view.

It definitely reminded us of a Bahamas style beach. But just a few hours from home!

We set up a little shade for the morning with some sticks we found on the beach.

And swam in the sea. Not the warmest but super refreshing as the day went on, and too beautiful not to.

By the time we thought about leaving and heading to our next stop, the colours were even better.

Just so, so incredible.

Definitely a day to remember for a long time.

We walked across to the other side of the island, so narrow in this part, to have a look at Plantja de Llevant, a more natural/wild beach with no umbrellas and without as many people. It was just as beautiful but with a rougher sea so not quite as picturesque.

We were getting hungry so cycled to the old town, Sant Francesc Xavier, to pick up lunch. Cycling past the island's salt flats, expanses of water, old stone walls, wild fig trees and impressive cactus along the way.

Cactus obsessed. 

The old town was really pretty. Full of scenes like these and a church in the middle. 

It has a buzzy central square, and a patisserie we bought the most delicious, cold creme patisserie filled eclair from when I was starving before we found Eroski to pick up a little picnic.

From the old town we cycled across to Es Pujols, through little vineyard tracks. 

To find yet another stunning beach. This part of the island is the most resorty, but the beaches were definitely worth seeing.

Hot and tired by this point, we then made our way back to Las Savinas to get the ferry, amazed at where the day had flown to already. 

It was such a perfect day. If we'd have had more time, or energy {!}, we'd have gone to check out Cala Saona and Es Calo.

And there are meant to be some really fab restaurants on the beach front across the island.

We picked up an ice cream from Geckolateria, dropped off our bikes and jumped on the ferry with perfect timing. Back to Ibiza we went, covered in sand, after too much sun and tired from the cycling but with the happiest memories of that gorgeous day. 

I really hope to return to Formentera someday. 

Have you been? I hope this was helpful if you're planning a trip!

R <3 xx 

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