Pregnancy // Things I'll Miss and Things I most definitely won't..

June 13, 2019

Now that the baby could arrive at any time, I thought it would be fun to list a few things that I'll really miss about pregnancy after the past nine months, along with some things I'm looking forward to again once it's over. Pregnancy for me has been such an incredible, special time that I've felt so lucky to really enjoy and really hope that I'll experience again in the future. Would love to hear what you'd add to these lists...

Things I'll miss //

- Her moving inside of me, the most precious feeling ever that will be really weird when it stops. Although of course I'll have a baby in my arms instead but it's the most magical thing to feel so connected. We've spent all this time wondering who it is in there that's kicking me, what kind of personality she'll have and the many months of her growing. It's just the most incredible process.
- Feeling totally level hormone wise, I haven't had any mood swings in months, I've hardly felt anxious, my skin has been totally clear and my hair hasn't fallen out since I've been pregnant. I'm kind of dreading going back to thinking about cycles again and those PMT angry/anxious/low days and periods and period pain and thinking about contraception. I don't think I want to go on the pill again now but it's knowing what the other options are that would suit us.
- That excitement that everyone has when they see you with a bump {even from strangers!}, the anticipation of a new baby! It's just such a lovely time that everyone shares in. And absolutely everyone asks if you're well, or shopkeepers congratulate you and ask if it's your first and how long you have to go.
- Being really relaxed about exercise/food. Suddenly the focus on my body hasn't been how it looks, or how I feel in certain clothes and trying to be 'good', but the fact that it's growing a new life. So cake, alll the cake. - obviously I know that you shouldn't be eating for two, and I've still made sure to eat healthily but that added hunger means more food, and definitely lots of guilt free cake/pizza/you name it and two breakfasts most days!
- My bump. Although sometimes I still do a double take when I catch a sideways glimpse of myself in a mirror, I've grown so fond and attached to this bump now, and have loved dressing it/showing it off/wearing tight clothes etc {something I didn't always do before, I guess a body confidence thing?}
- The guilt free get out clauses, whether it's just to spend an afternoon on the sofa, or to get out of a work event in London I felt too tired to travel in for, pregnancy is the best {and very valid!} excuse!
- Time as just Ben and I, although we're so so ready and excited for this next chapter, it will never quite be the same again. But special of course, in a different way.
- Time as just me, being selfish I guess, and care free/spontaneous, I think most of my time is about to be taken up with a certain little baby! Which again, I wouldn't change for the world but I probably will miss allll that free time and wonder what on earth I used to fill it with.
- Having a capsule wardrobe, there are only limited things that fit or I feel like wearing right now which is actually really liberating. I'd like to say I've saved money on buying clothes each season but I've probably spent it on baby clothes instead haha.
- The comfy clothes. The dungarees/jumpsuits {I didn't feel like I suited these before I was pregnant but have LOVED wearing them so much ever since}
- Lay ins. I mean, I've never actually been a lay in girl, I'm always up early but just having that option to snooze if you feel like it.
- Weirdly, the midwife appointments. I've grown so fond of my midwife and the little ritual of Ben and I trying to go to each appointment together and getting to check up on our baby bee. Likewise, for all the other special 'firsts' that we've made time to go to together, the scans, the NCT classes, the shopping for baby clothes - it's all been such a learning experience and something that will never really be the same again.

Things I won't miss //

- Needing to pee. ALL the time. Even if it's just been about five minutes since I last went.
- Not being able to see my waist {my ribs have expanded!}. Or my vagina or my feet for the big bump in the way.
- Acid reflux. That really gross feeling of your throat/oesophagus burning after not digesting food properly.
- Feeling breathless. Even when not doing much! Likewise feeling unfit these days.
- Not being able to lay on my back. I loveeee kicking back on my back, and feel most relaxed like that, but have been really conscious to avoid laying flat on my back and having to lay on my side.
- Likewise, I'm excited to be able to lay on my front again!
- Not being able to run. I cannot wait to start running again with my music and that feeling of freedom and the endorphins.
- Remembering to take all my vitamins, to eat the right things {I mean, aside from the extra cake ha}, to slather myself in oil each night to aid my growing bump in the hope of not getting stretch marks or itchy skin, to book the appointments needed, to feel I've done enough hypnobirthing practice, to read enough baby books - although of course none of these things are real deal breakers - that's just my personality though and really the only pressure at all is the pressure you put on yourself.
- Wearing maternity bras, although I'll be in nursing friendly bras for a while longer so I guess that's kind of the same thing.
- Wearing maternity clothes, as much as the capsule wardrobe has been fun - and super comfy, I miss wearing jeans and some of my old dresses/tops!
- Not being able to do exercise on my back and work my abs {not in a vain kind of way, although I did used to have amazing abs which I'll probably never have again haha}, which mostly means pilates, I miss my pre pregnancy pilates classes and HIIT training and that feeling of working my body so much!
- The fear. Of doing something wrong, of eating something that could cause listeria, of whether she's moved enough. But I know these will probably morph into new baby worries! A mother's guilt/worry/that overarching love is for life.
- The tiredness. But I imagine that this might not change much when I've got a newborn?

Did you feel a sadness when you knew your pregnancy was coming to an end? I'm trying to really make the most of these last few days/potentially weeks, as I know she could come at any time. It's a real bittersweet thing to try and describe, of course I'm DESPERATE for her to come out and to meet her and get started on this new role, but then I realise just how much I have loved being pregnant. I feel like that's so true of motherhood in general, the stages just go so fast and you don't want them to grow up but equally you can't wait to see what the next stage brings. Gah, alll the emotions.

What would you add to this list?

R <3 xx

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