Introducing Freya....

August 08, 2019

photo by Little White Photography - gifted shoot

Freya Elizabeth Sterling
6th July 2019
7lb 15oz

Hello baby! She's here, she's here. Well, in fact, she arrived almost five {HOW?!} weeks ago already. And there is just SO much to catch up on, I don't really know where to start. I also hardly have any time right now with a certain little person taking it all up, which is how it should be right now. So forgive me for trading my laptop and writing this blog for snuggling up with baby Freya, sniffing her head, feeding her {some days I've felt like I've spent 90% of it feeding her} and just soaking her and this special newborn period allll up. We'll start finding our rhythm more soon, but right now it's really unpredictable as to how long, and when, she'll sleep for as to how much I can get done. But I have so much I want to talk about. So back properly soon! I need to decide what to catch up on and post about from the past few weeks, but in the meantime will try to get my birth story written as I had a homebirth and I know lots of you on Instagram are interested to hear all about that.

Thank you also for everyone's incredible messages and comments, I'm sorry I've been rubbish and hardly replied to anything recently. 

Big, big love.

R <3 xx 

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