Travel // NYC Daytrip to Old Greenwich, CT

November 15, 2019

We had 12 nights in NYC, which is a really long time for the city, so we looked at taking a couple of day trips to break up our trip and go and see some of Connecticut, a state I've always wanted to explore. In fact, if our baby didn't hate the car so much, we would have taken a bit of a road trip through the state - which is meant to be really gorgeous at this time of year in particular. I'd short listed a few places that we really wanted to visit {namely Kingston, Cold Spring, New Haven, Tarrytown or Westport} they tended to either be on the Hudson river or on the coastline north of NYC and crucially, they had to be accessible by train. In the end, Greenwich seemed like the best {and closest} option and it turned out to be my very favourite day of the trip. 
- side note, a couple of years back we took the train the other way down to Princeton, New Jersey and it was AMAZING , that classic small town america - see this post. 

We took the train from Grand Central up to Greenwich, we just bought tickets at the station before boarding - and I think it was around £40 return for us both. We actually went to Old Greenwich, a couple of stops beyond Greenwich, first with our first stop being the beach. It was hard to find somewhere that would have a beach and a nice town in one place, everywhere seemed to be very spread out so we were actually a little hesitant in taking the trip but when we arrived, I was SO glad that we'd done it.

We jumped off the train and arrived in the most beautiful, picture perfect American town. Old Greenwich is known for it's houses and it's where most of the bankers who work in New York, live. Needless to say, the shops were all super high end {although nothing like Greenwich high street}, but we weren't here for the shopping. We were here for the beach! About a two mile walk from the station, past the most incredible houses, you can get to the beach.

The town itself was ridiculously beautiful, the bakery {Sweet Pea's}, a MUST stop at. 

It was everything I wanted, playing the 'which house would I pick' fantasy game, admiring all the leaves and that autumn light, looking out for halloween decorations and just being in awe of what an incredible location these houses were in - the most amazing beach at the end of the road. Some, as we got closer, even had boats and jettys in their gardens!

Around forty minutes, and hundreds of photos later, we arrived at Tod's Point - the beach.

There's normally a charge to visit the beach, but from the end of October until the start of April, it's free luckily for us. It was just even more incredible than I ever pictured. We took a picnic with us to eat on the sand and then gave Freya her first feel of it - she's suddenly really tactile and loves different textures. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and being on this beautiful beach with our baby made me crazy emotional. From the end of the point you could see the Manhattan skyline. There was an old couple sat on a bench together, her reading on his lap like that scene out of Notting Hill, they looked over at us and told us to enjoy our young family life and us wondering what old age will look like for us. You know just one of those magical kind of days?

We enjoyed the beach until we decided to go and visit Greenwich town {you can either get an uber or take the train there}, then sat and ate pumpkin whoopie pies and had a wander around. It was crazy high end, too high end and flashy for us, but nice to see nonetheless. Some more photos below.

I'd love to come back and stay somewhere in Connecticut sometime, maybe in the summer - although those beach prices would make it £££. 

Definitely a magical day to remember. And what a start to November!

R <3 xx 

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