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November 18, 2019

I was undecided about whether to post a Christmas gift guide this year, partly because I'm not buying many presents this year - my family and I and most of Ben's family have decided that now there are more children on the scene, it's better to just focus on the littles rather than buy for the sake of it. Part of me knows this makes sense, we all have far too much but equally sometimes it's still really nice to go out and choose something special for those you love and appreciate. I don't have much spare headspace to think about Christmas shopping but more than ever I want to thank those who have been so supportive to us over the past six months as we've become parents. So mainly no presents - although I'm definitely still writing a list for my husband at his request. And I still need to buy some and have a lot of kiddos to buy for. Plus, so many of you lovely folk on Instagram messaged to ask if I'd be putting together a guide this year. So here's a slightly smaller version with some ideas to see if it will help or it might be something that you send to your partner/Mum/whoever it is that buys for you as I'm assuming you're reading this blog because we have similar interests? I really enjoy putting these together but now my list has definitely grown from spying some of the gorgeous things out there this Christmas...
ad/affiliate - please be aware that many of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I may make a small percentage of any sales. I have not been paid by anybody to include any of the gifts listed below, the whole point of this guide is that it's things I've scouted out.
You can find last year's gift guide here, although I'm not sure of what will be stocked this year/if the links will work, but might give you some more ideas.

For babies -
As a new parent myself, I'm so keen to not clutter up people's homes with more stuff and really only want to buy meaningful gifts for littles. So I'm trying to think about what I'm giving people ideas for if they ask and want to get something for Freya, when thinking about what to buy others.
That includes; books {you can never have too many, Freya at 4 months is already really interested when we do a story everyday and I'm sure as she starts to understand more, will love them even more and for years to come}.
Here are a few favourite books that you couldn't go wrong with; The Tiger Who Came To TeaMogGuess How Much I Love YouThe Gruffalo

plus these Christmas books - I like the idea of getting some Christmas books to open on Christmas Eve and then building up a little collection for the years to come - Dear Santa, the Hungry Caterpillar's Christmas, a special book about choosing a Christmas tree {we have the pumpkin version and it's so special}Mog's ChristmasThe Snowman - SUCH a classic and Spot's first Christmas

Lots of great books here too - all of these are on a 3 for 2.

I love the idea of a little Christmas Eve box with a new Christmas sleepsuit and a couple of books to read. The start of new traditions!

A stocking - my Mum has bought Freya this one that we'll use for years to come. Stockings are always so much fun to fill with little treats. - small wooden toys? Little animals? Hair bows? Chocolate when she's old enough!

A Zoo pass or National Trust passes? For lots of days out. This is always the best kind of present in my opinion.

These lovely animals, not cheap but classics that will get played with in different circumstances for years. I hope if we ask different family members to maybe get her one for each Christmas/Birthday we'll eventually build up a nice collection. Online here and here - or also try facebook marketplaces or eBay for second hand finds. Likewise, brio or these lovely wooden blocks.

Almost anything from Scandiborn - they stock all the lovely children's brands and I don't think you'd go wrong with anything from there. We always direct family/friends over there and it's the first place I turn to. ad/gifted items - I received 3 items in exchange for an instagram post about Scandiborn this Christmas but was not required to feature them here - I just think they're such lovely gifts. 
In particular, we've chosen this Olli Ella Holdie House {a portable modern doll's house}, this little pram for storing teddys in her room and then good walking practice when she's a bit older and then I can just picture her pushing it around! And this cute pull along cat.

And likewise, the online store called MamaOwl has some lovely Montessori themed things and gifts.

This bath book. I've bought this for a few friend's babies/toddlers as something a little different. Every baby has a bathtime and this can be a fun addition.

Freya will turn 6 months just after Christmas so we've asked for some weaning supplies for her, like this bamboo bowl set which friends with older children swear by, this bib and a little cutlery set. Not exactly fun presents but super useful, I'm sure we'll use them everyday and for her this year it will all be about the lights and wrapping paper to scrunch!

M&S have this really great deal on wooden toys like this  which makes buying a little better.

As a bigger present, maybe you're a grandparent looking for something, think about a playmat from Totter and Tumble?

Something theatrical to encourage role play for children I think is a great gift, I love this little puppet theatre sheet or a tee-pee?

Tiger had some great presents for slightly older children the other day. And likewise, Hema is a great place to look with lots of wooden toys plus animals at good prices.

I'm also amazed by the prices at Aldi here - I'm not sure how long these toys will be online for - but my Mum just ordered this activity cube for Freya and there are so many great books/wooden toys. Plus little kitchens and this lovely baking set.

Talking of little kitchens, this one looks design led with metro tiles!

Or this little ice cream set?

Unicorn slippers for little girls! {or boys for that matter}

I don't have any teen girls to buy for, so haven't done very well at including things for them, plus their interests are likely to vary so much, but I did spot this personalised jewellery dish and like it. Or this gold necklace.

For her;
Let's face it, creating this list is basically me writing my wish list. What I hope is that you, as a reader/with I guess similar interests will like some of the same things and can then direct whoever it is that wants to surprise you over here? I always want a surprise but Ben wants me to give him guidance so hi Ben!

Top of my list is this gorgeous frame to fill with favourite photos of our new little family and create a display in our bedroom by our staircase. I feel like anybody would love and enjoy filling this special frame?

I have a leopard bag which I bought in the sale years ago that I've now used to death and it's falling apart. This looks like an ideal, slightly more grown up replacement which I think every woman would love?

Also on my list for Santa are a selection of brass lanterns for our loft bathroom - I've had these on my wish list for ages. And this hanging one.

A classic but I don't know if anybody could resist some Jo Malone under their tree? Especially the way it's all boxed up with ribbons - remember that scene in Love Actually? This is my favourite scent but this gift set looks really lovely.

I bought myself this apple watch just before Freya was born and it's probably been the best thing I've ever bought. I use it every day, missing it if ever it's charging or I forget to put it on. Especially with having a baby to hold, I don't have my phone as close anymore or in my hand so having my watch to let me know if someone's calling me or see messages/reply on and the fact it's waterproof so you can jump in the shower or do baby bathtime without thinking. A good gift for a phone/tech lover?

Alphabet socks, I love this idea as a cheap but great stocking filler or little something for anyone you need to buy for. Or this, for the dogs in your life!

A starry jumper - although to be honest I'd want this before Christmas to wear with midi skirts.

A night away or a special dinner voucher or a voucher for a nail appointment/massage that can be redeemed at a later date is always a winner.

I know I never splash out for fancy pyjamas on myself but when I receive them, think they're the greatest gift of all? These starry button down are nice, and although not cheap - a fraction of the price of so many I saw - WHY are they so expensive? Or this lovely animal print - button down since I'm still feeding her.

Any of the Cowshed range always goes down well - this looks like a lovely gift set or this and this handcream set - my hands are forever dry in winter and when washing them all day long clearing up after the baby.
Or Aesop - if you're reading this Ben, I like practically all of their skincare, just the biggest treat.

These bath salts are my absolute favourites and would make a good stocking present, the smell and feel of your skin when you're out of it, just heaven!

Because this winter is meant to be freezing and because I'm getting old. THIS hot water bottle looks like the dream. Or this smaller version.

These wellies are the best I've ever bought, I've had so much wear out of them already since the end of Summer. Leopard is a neutral these days, and they have this mid height version too - I definitely don't need anymore wellies but I sure am tempted. But I also just spotted this lovely star print, gah why are there SO many nice things I don't need?!

A girl can never have too many Elizabeth Scarlett pouches, for travel, for jewellery, for make up, even in my changing bag I have one for nappies and one for Freya's toys, and this new constellation range is gorgeous - and I imagine will sell out fast. Gift for the receiver's star sign.

Fancy slippers, mine seem to wear out each year at this time or get filthy from wearing them outside to get the washing in so these are on my list, or these. My Mum always loves slippers too.

Jewellery, I got gifted this necklace as part of a brand relaunch this year and haven't taken it off since. You can get an initial on it, I have an F for Freya and it goes with every outfit and is small enough to keep on for gym classes etc. Another HUGE favourite of mine jewellery wise is Carrie Elizabeth, first discovered her when Ben bought me one of her necklaces about 3 Christmasses back now? - this in particular I love and don't think you can go wrong with but I also adore and wear this a lot.
And something a little less expensive.

This pack of spacemasks, either separate for girlfriends/all the women you know who need a little time out, or gift one big pack for multiple sessions.

A monthly stationery/paper club subscription for stationery lovers from the lovely Wildflower Illustration Co. I love the idea of presents that will keep going throughout the year and used to love getting a little bundle of hand illustrated cards through the post each month - also a godsend for mama's or anyone who's busy to always have a stash of cards in the house! You can get a starter pack to put under the tree.

For photo lovers, this selfie light and this new polaroid camera sounds AMAZING.

For houseplant lovers, we love the small brand called Root Houseplants and recently bought my brother in law a voucher but they also have a subscription service too {just the dream to receive new plants to your door?}

Alphabet glasses, such great value for almost anybody {whispers, cheaper than anthropologie}

For foodies, we've been loving Jamie's new book and this cookbook .

This cookbook is everywhere and definitely on my list. Plus this one for healthy inspiration going into the New Year.

Candles - Diptyque's Figuier will always be my favourite -  are really lovely, but I really like diffusers these days as a way to give a subtle scent without having to worry about flames/going out and leaving them on etc. They last a lot longer too. I've given this set in the past, it's really lovely as a whole year set.
But I also can't recommend this diffuser enough to add different oils too, not cheap but OH so lovely.

We have this travel print on our landing and it's still one of my very favourites, a few people have messaged me over the years to say it's been the perfect gift for their partner and I feel like I might have featured it last year? Even so, am mentioning it again now plus the couple who produce them are super talented and they're all hand drawn to order. They now also do children's alphabet prints to inspire travel {here} 

My grandparents are always hard to buy for but they love the COOK range to save them cooking so I think I'll get them a voucher for that and a framed photo of Freya - since that's all they ever want!

For travel lovers - like my brother - this scratch off map 

I haven't included many ideas for men and that's because my Dad and Husband both do that really annoying thing of saying 'please don't get me anything'. But I do know that Ben is desperate for new pyjama bottoms - the only stipulation is that they must have pockets - these look like they fit the bill or these although slightly more expensive.

And I really like men in scarves? This one would go with most of Ben's colours and coats plus gloves are always a necessary but super useful well used gift in my opinion.

My main plan for Ben is a voucher to go for dinner at a fine dining place near us called Crocker's, it's an interactive kind of dining experience so I think I'll buy him that and hope we can sneak out child free at some point in 2020... But almost any restaurant will have gift vouchers.

Think about a cooking class or something sport related? Tickets for a match?

I always hear so much hype about these, a quirky gift for men but I'm sure pretty useful. And it's Aesop...

And just for fun...

always love a couple of Christmas novelties for table presents
This Christmas dinner bib set and this for those with beards {my brother!}
and finally... new year's eve feels so long away but is only a week after Christmas! Love this decoration set.

What are your fail safe gifts? I also really like making gifts {although I'm not sure how much time I'll have this year} but we might try to pot up some paperwhite daffodils in glass jars for fellow flower/garden lovers - see this blog post. Or maybe bake something yummy to gift or make up glass jars full of baking ingredients or make bath salts? Lots of DIY gift ideas on Pinterest too.

Happy shopping! Over the next couple of weeks there should be lots of deals for Black Friday, I'll try to keep an eye out and let you know any. I know that Boden currently have 28% off online here with this code D7E3.

R <3 xx

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