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January 08, 2019

With this fresh new year, as much as I loved the Christmas decorations, I couldn't wait to have a big freshen up and give a nod to Spring with some fresh bulbs and greenery in the house. Since posting some photos of these on Instagram, I had some requests for a blog post how to. In truth, there's not all that much to it, bulbs already have their energy and food within them so it makes it super simple even if you're not a gardener... 

Long term readers might remember this post that I wrote three years back so do refer to that too if you're looking for more inspiration with smaller jars to dot around the house.

This year, I've mainly gone for bigger glass vases as I really like the impact they give on the kitchen island/table and they seem to stand up better as well with the narrow necks on the vases. 

Back in November, we bought some bulbs - a mix of indoor paperwhite daffodils {my favourites}, hyacinths and regular daffodils. Along with some muscari which will bloom a little later around Easter. We filled jars with some gravel from our patio and placed the bulbs in, with water that their roots could grow into below but not so much that they would sit in and rot. I just keep them watered a little every couple of weeks, just when their roots aren't touching it anymore.

The gravel just helps to hold them in place but I've seen some cool bulbs just in water which visually looks a lot better, or we've also put some into soil. We left them outside to start with just so they wouldn't grow really fast, we wanted them for Jan/Feb time. Then we can stagger bringing them inside to warm up and make them bloom. 

Keep them away from direct heat but they'll like a bright spot to grow. And be warned, some can go really leggy after a few weeks {these hyacinths have been inside since late November!}. 

The cooler you keep them, the slower they'll grow and longer they'll last. Also all of these bulbs are really strongly scented so your house will be full of that heady Spring smell wafting around. Heaven!

You can tie them or use sticks as supports if they go really floppy towards the end. But that's just kind of the nature of bulbs I guess, they go all dramatic.

It's mini gardening to tide us over until it's time to think about all things spring seed sowing and the garden and allotment again!

A few more photos for inspiration above. 

R <3 xx 

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  1. I'm dying to brighten up my space with fresh flowers and this post has inspired me to do just that...


  2. Hi Rebecca, I was just wondering if you can reuse some of these bulbs next year or so you need to buy more every year? Xx

  3. Great blog post Rebecca! For the first time ever, I actually planted Spring bulbs back in November last year. Just some cheap bulbs from the Pound shop so if they don't grow to plan, I won't be sad. I've got some Muscari in our conservatory and Daffs, Crocuses and more Muscari outside. I can't wait for Spring!


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