Christmas // The Ultimate Gift Guide 2018

November 08, 2018

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Hello! Ok, so we're properly into November, the leaves have pretty much gone, the trees are almost bare, we've finished with the fireworks and sparkles and toffee apples and so it can only mean one thing.... let's talk Christmas! I'm not sure if you're aware of the fact that in two weeks time, it will be Black Friday, in fact I think they call it Cyber Week now. In consumer terms, the world goes shopping crazy. I don't really like to encourage mass spending at Christmas, or buying tat that nobody needs and then has to store. I definitely would rather take a trip somewhere and create memories, and that's actually what we're doing with my family this year. No big presents, just a few little bits and a family Christmas trip instead. But, that being said, Christmas is probably the only time of the year that I do think it is really lovely to take some time to think about one or two thoughtful gifts that you can wrap and enjoy giving on Christmas Day. Even if it's just something tiny or fun. Plus, everyone deserves to ask Santa for one special present if you've been good all year, right?! I've really enjoyed putting this guide together and have only included pieces which I think are really great. There is a lot of tat out there to sift through but I really hope the below might be helpful when trying to tick things off of your list this year, either with buying for others, or maybe sharing a link to drop a few hints for yourself?! I posted on Insta stories the other night, as I was unsure about when to publish this, but lots of you have requested it ASAP and I love your organisation. I like to just nail my shopping in one big swoop, preferably whilst sat in my pyjamas. So here's the first edit. If I think or find anything else, I'll put together a part 2. Until then, happy shopping! I've found the best prices but I'll update you also if there are any extra promotions on anything around Black Friday. I've also included a section for Christmas entertaining/hosting but I've had requests for a Christmas dress guide so will work on that soon!

R <3 xx

p.s. you can find last year's edit here although I can't promise the stock/links are still working.

// A Few Ideas for Secret Santa {especially if you don't know them that well...}

For just 6 pounds, this would make a fun table present idea whoever you have to buy for

Five pounds for this alphabet candle

For him, this whiskey & woodsmoke survival kit would suit most men and you'll have change from 10pounds.

Because everyone's an avocado lover?!

Likewise, for avocado lovers as a stocking filler {these taste amazing!}

This chocolate egg & bacon is the kind of thing my Brother would appreciate in his stocking

// For Her {or you!}

Ok, let's get to the good stuff! Hi Mum, or Ben, if you're reading! 

A gorgeous gold monogrammed glass, at a fraction of the price of the Anthropologie originals, six pounds. Or this candle version.

You can never go wrong with something like this candle or this for Cowshed lovers.

I really like these as a gift for your mum/friend/sister, everyone needs a pouch for makeup/jewellery/passports.

My favourite coffee table book . just got released as a second edition, perfect for planning her next travel adventures.

Or this book if she's an interiors fan.

Just 10 pounds for these cute pom-pom slippers to keep her feet warm or these if you want to splurge

20 minute mermaid prep, for all women everywhere.

A beautiful, soft scarf. This  Or this, which I could see my Mother in Law in. This starry version was too lovely not to include also.

An on trend, simple frame for her room to frame a keepsake or favourite photo?

The cosiest socks, I know my Mum would either love these or buy them for me and my stocking!

These baskets are firmly on my list please

For leopard lovers who don't carry a full purse anymore {all hail apple pay!}

I adore these earrings {wait, is this actually just my gift list?!}

Bath oil heaven to make her feel like she's at a spa

A bit of a splurge but you can never go wrong with Jo Malone for my Mumma.

A woman can never have enough hand cream. This will look nice sitting next to her bed. Or this, which is my personal favourite.

I've spoken to a few friends who have this oil diffuser on their list this year, and it's almost always out of stock {for good reason!}. I think this might just be top of my wish list for this Christmas and I'd love to learn more about essential oils and their effects on wellbeing.

A Diptyque candle set done right. A diptyque candle done even better {heart eyes}....

These geometric candle holders.

A useful, yet still kinda luxe, present for candle lovers.

A new umbrella is on my list, it's the kind of thing I wouldn't spend a lot on myself so receiving a pretty, yet sturdy one would be my kinda present. I'm actually yet to locate one though, will update you... unless you've seen any?

For my tequila loving friends {Amy & Lucy!} or this for Gin lovers.

An embellished bobble hat to keep her looking stylish whilst keeping warm

A classic, gold star necklace that you can't go wrong with.

For those who love to host, a dream monogram cheese board.

And these fun cheese sticks.

A beautiful coaster to sit on her bedside, or go in her stocking.

I've already sent this to my husband as one of my top gifts this year.

Likewise, this was what he got me last year {I have this thing with necklaces...}. This is a bargain and will cover her star sign. Cosmic! Or this, for her initial.

These to make her wellies that bit more posh, and snug! And this, if she's a bit OCD.

I don't know about you, but I don't ever treat myself with pyjamas but they're something I really appreciate, so this pair would be heavenly, or these. See also, these! Or these for Christmas, ok I'll stop with the pjs now.

Spa vouchers are always a good idea. Either for her favourite nail bar, a massage or a full on spa day. If she can't escape though, then these space masks will make her feel all floaty and get you in her good books.

Hotel Chocolat's caramel chocolate. Enough said.

This genius book, for stressed out adults.

My Balance Me Gift Sets would make an ideal present for any of the women in you're life. Available online here.

A favourite thing I've bought this year has been this polaroid printer for her on the go Instagram snaps, and to jazz up travel memories. It's online here in snazzy rose gold. Then buy this for spare film.

For exhibiting your favourite photos in a bespoke gallery, I adore Natalie's work {and you can use the code RVKLOVESX for 10% off right now}

This cookbook to inspire a healthy, yet easy, start to 2019. I have this original version which is fab. And Deliciously Ella's new cookbook makes vegan cooking deliciously simple {lots of yummy recipes like her fab brownies} and is the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time.

I know that all I really want though, rather than physical pretty shiny things, would be a trip away {or this voucher!}, or a massage please and thanks. Or basically something I wouldn't necessarily buy myself like these favourite toiletries or a voucher for my 2 favourite shops - here or here

// For Him

Men are SO hard to buy for aren't they.

A voucher for here to book a dreamy trip away together, that also kind of makes it your present too!

Can you ever go wrong with a framed photo for his bedside or desk?

The best stocking filler if he's a golf fan {like my Dad!}

A christmassy cactus set if he's into botanicals.

Spreadable whisky marmalade, my Dad & Grandpa would adore this.

This cookery book subscription is such a fun idea to inspire him throughout the year, but works out pretty expensive relative to the books so maybe you could set one up yourself?

This is still one of my favourite art pieces in our house that I bought for my husband that will combine your special places and travel memories.

The ultimate Eatlist, for travel loving foodies. Or this book for planning all of your next adventures together.

The perfect book if he's a craft beer fan

Perfect for sport's fans, this rugby washbag.

I adore this wintry jumper, would your husband wear something like this?

For his post-gym baths that still feel manly {this brand is popping up everywhere this year but this is the cheapest place with free delivery}

For those who want to escape London at weekends

A handsome hat in some really gorgeous colours.

For the little ones //

Sweet hair clips for their stocking, from Santa of course.

For new babies, this lion friend for life.

Just six pounds
 for all of these cute animals that children will play with throughout the years, would be nice to fill an advent calendar with too.

Cute wellington boot liners to make rainy days a bit more fun.

And these as their first pair wellies, a classic and oh so cute.

A stylish, yet personalised, print for their bedroom/nursery. Equally, I love this too.

I've ordered this adorable hat for a friend's baby boy, because Jan/Feb/March are the coldest months of all!

A star paper mobile for a baby's room?

This zoo in a tin is really sweet.

An adorable, personalised moon light to make the dark less scary.

A floral, child sized, umbrella for making rainy days more fun

A cute, monogram cushion for their bedroom.

To make them eat their {chocolate} sprouts! A fun stocking filler.

A personalised's children's baking kit for those rainy, baking filled days.

Encourage a budding young scientist with this set, educational gifts are always the best right?

These Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls {book one here} and {two here} for reading and inspiring children. Or this for boys.

This cute chart might encourage them to read more books, which is always a good thing

For teens // 

I know alll teenagers are different and I don't claim to know the latest trends but thought these were a few sweet gifts. 

This would be cute for a girl's room

// For Hosting/Family Fun

I keep hearing great things about this game so we're ordering it for our family Christmas get together. Or this? I think we'll get this around the world card game as we're all travel/geography nerds and just 4 pounds.

This new adult game looks hilarious and like the new Cards Against Humanity for millenials. We played the last one to death!

We've had this game for a couple of years and it always brings out a lot of competitiveness. Good for small groups or teams.

Likewise, this pet selfie kit is hilarious. Or this, for cat lovers.

If you're dog mad, like we are, maybe this adorable bow tie for their Christmas day outfit?

Bargain fun for all the family, young or old, at the table.

I'm sure kids would love this and it might help to keep them occupied through the long Christmas dinner.

For hosting, and all that Christmas cheese.

A New Year balloon or this to celebrate 2019.

New Year's Eve Party Kit, so that you don't have to think about any other decorations.

This game for a New Year's Eve Party? Or this for gin lovers.

Don't forget this {or use as a stocking filler} for wide-angle selfies to fit more of you in your photo


What have I forgotten? What's on your list this year?

Merry Shopping!

R <3 xx 

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