Autumn Photos // Hello November, Looking Back on October and Halloween...

November 01, 2018

Hello November! And wow, wasn't that October beautiful? I think I've mentioned before how I kind of miss writing my weekly updates and weekend posts on here but with Instagram stories these days, I share most photos and updates on there. As they're pretty temporary I like to still document the month's musings on the blog so a few more photos from October below before I clear my ever-growing camera roll. If you'd like to see...

// Richmond Park, early October

A gorgeous, warm sunny day spotting the first of the pumpkins, walking through Richmond Park and along the high street for lunch and a wander. A favourite spot of ours.

Blurry but stocking up on pumpkin in Whole Foods.

// Autumn leaves

and pretty Amersham.

// All things apples & pumpkins.

// The last of the dahlias before the first frost.

// Pretty pink skies and sunrises. Always a favourite feature of this time of year.

That sunrise! Through the gorgeous yellow fields. The farmer planted a really late show of rape this year.

// Autumn scarves 

and knitwear! and boots!

// Hydrangeas and eucalyptus 

// Front Door updates

// Hampstead and a Franco Manca date

// Wellies

// The first fire. We're back into this room huddling by this logburner.

// Family dinners

// New sweats/knits

// Halloween at Panzer's Deli

Pumpkin pie M&Ms

// Autumn pup

// Porridge is back! Trying to resist my local coffee shop that sells this delicious porridge on cold mornings... totally addicted.

// A Family Walk at Ashridge

// The Farmer's Market. Stocking up for a week of roasted veg.

// The last bloom of Cafe au Lait

// Autumn wreath making with Liz, will put a full post on this up

// Crisp, sunny days.

// Sunday Feast at Farmhouse

// Pumpkin Porridge

// THIS tree

// A cute lunch with friends & their babies

// Leopard doormat love

// A day with a friend, and her gorgeous baby, at Daylesford & Soho Farmhouse

// Girl's dinner date at Wahaca. Happy Birthday Carolyn!

// Halloween House Hunting, again a lovely day out with Faye & Stanley

He wasn't as enthused by the halloween houses as we were but he'll definitely have no choice once he gets older 😂. Cutest little guy.

This was our favourite by far

And lunch at the new Daylesford in Brompton Cross

The salads were so yummy and this little guy was incredibly well behaved.

// Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull baking with Amy & Carolyn, off for half term

When Amy takes halloween a lot more seriously than we did. LOVED this outfit

So much love for these girls. {we missed you Lucy!}

and finally, this year's little pumpkin carving effort.

I hope you had a lovely Halloween & October? Here's to November and then all things Christmas please.

R <3 xx 

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