Autumn // I have this thing with Pumpkins {homegrown and an annual visit to the farm}

October 30, 2018

It's Halloween tomorrow {!!} and it's suddenly just crept up on me. If you know anything at all about me, I'm sure you know what a huge pumpkin lover I am. In fact, just a huge halloween lover in general. Spooky houses, fun costumes, pumpkins and pumpkin spice everything please. I'm slow in blog writing this October {have probably spent too much time on Instagram instead...} so please forgive me, but I wanted to get these photos up before this month of the pumpkin ends.

Allotment growing; this was our pumpkin & squash haul from the allotment this year. We've had fun creating displays around our house and garden along with starting to eat them. I think we've got a lot of pumpkin eating still to come though to get through them all! Pumpkin soup, risotto, pie, roasted, cake, porridge... Luckily they store well. You can read this post from last year all about growing them if you're interested.

We harvested these at the beginning of September, when it still looked like summer.

An overflowing wheelbarrow!

So many different sizes and shapes.

This is like heaven to me.

My prized white snowman pumpkin.

Letting them dry out and harden off in the garden for a while.

// Around the house

// Baking

I think pretty much every weekend in October I've made this pumpkin chocolate chip cake for various occasions. And it's just so damn good. Recipe from last year on my blog here.

// A trip to Rumbler's Farm

has become an annual tradition for us in October to see sweet farmer Barny and all of his incredible pumpkin displays that he's grown on his farm. {remember this post from 2015?}
And it kind of makes us feel like we're in America, like last year's visit to the pumpkin farm in Princeton NJ here.

Thanks for indulging me in these photo drop posts.

Do you have any grand plans for pumpkins over these next couple of days or fun halloween ideas? I went into London yesterday with my friend, who's as mad about pumpkins as I am, to look at all of the spooky houses. Will share that soon! And I'm making her vegan pumpkin pie recipe this weekend which tastes amazing. We're also off to the Wahaca Day of the Dead celebrations.

R <3 xx 

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