Halloween // Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread {a recipe}

October 27, 2017

It's halloweekend! {y'know the weekend before Halloween?!} and a time for all things pumpkin. I made this cake last night and had so many messages asking for the recipe that I thought I'd post it this afternoon quickly in case you're looking for something to bake this weekend. We have friends coming tomorrow for lunch and family over for dinner on Sunday so this was the first of the cooking for it. I think I caught pumpkin fever over in America a couple of weeks back and have wanted to eat everything pumpkin spiced ever since. This cake/bread recipe which I adapted from an American website fits the bill and makes a really soft {I would say moist but I detest that word} cake which will last for a good few days in a tin {if indeed you can resist eating it all straight away}. I used a bundt tin but also had enough left to half fill a loaf tin so we could try some first. 

I adapted this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction and just changed it into English quantities, I also doubled it up to fit my tin.

440g plain flour
2 teasponons bicarbonate of soda
4 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1 teaspoon salt
4 large eggs
300g granulated sugar
200g soft light brown sugar
680g pumpkin puree {I used tins I found in the American aisle in Sainsburys}
240ml vegetable oil or melted coconut oil {we used melted coconut oil as we'd run out of regular stuff!}
120ml milk
240g milk chocolate chips 

- If I make this again I'll add chopped walnuts in too.

M E T H O D 

1. Adjust the oven to the lowered third position and preheat to 180c. Spray a cake tin with non-stick spray, I used the 1 cal coconut spray.

2. In a large bowl, whisk the flour, bicarb, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt together. I did this by hand. 

3. In a medium bowl, fork the eggs with all the sugar until combined. Mix in the pumpkin, oil and milk. 

4. Pour the wet into the dry and gently mix together using a spatula or wooden spoon. Don't overmix. Fold in the chocolate chips.

5. Pour into the tin and bake for about 35 minutes {I put a timer on for 20 and kept an eye on them after this, the baking time will depend on your tin shape}. The cake is done when you insert a skewer and it comes out clean. 

6. Allow the cake to cool completely in the pan before turning out onto a wire wrack. Store in a tin, it tastes better after a day or so. 

I added a little icing just made with icing sugar and water on top but it doesn't really need it. You could of course go all out with some kind of maple flavoured buttercream but sugar... 

- you can freeze any extra and just defrost or microwave to bring back to life! 

 R <3 xx

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious! I always go for Nigella's Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cake at Halloween, but this won me over with chocolate chips! Only problem is it looks too pretty to eat!
    I bet without the icing it would be a good cake to slice and freeze if there's too much to eat in one go. Then again, that's never really been a problem in this house!
    Carly xo


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