Travel // New England Part Two, Marblehead MA

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Are you having a spooky kind of day? I wanted to jump on and share some photos from our favourite place on our recent trip to New England - Marblehead. {I find that you're either a lover of other people's travel photos or you'll get bored after the first couple... so click below only if you'd like to see}

Early on a Friday morning {5am early to avoid the infamous NYC rush hour!}, we drove from Princeton {see this post} all the way up through New Jersey, past Manhattan with the skyline glittering next to us, crossing the George Washington Bridge, up into Connecticut watching the sun come up and the trees illuminated in colour and light. It was a long drive, about 5.5 hours but a fun American kind of road trip and Ben was a trooper driving the whole way without a stop. We had breakfast and snacks on the way to keep us fuelled and the radio on full blast. 

What was waiting for us at the end however, was better than we ever expected and a small but dreamy intro to New England before returning to the city and exploring Boston. Marblehead is just half an hour on from Boston and the perfect seaside escape. The coastal road had ridiculously beautiful views over wide beaches and we got lucky with the bluest sky. There were sweet churches, lots of boats, seaside door knockers, pumpkins, wreaths and lobster for sale everywhere - can you get better than that?!

Marblehead was one of the first coastal towns in New England and was founded by Cornish fisherman! It did indeed feel very Cornish in such a surreal way but with an American twist. We ate lobster rolls by the sea {from one of the best supermarkets ever} in the sun and then got ice cream from a sweet little parlour before just wandering around the historic town admiring the properties in all their famous clapboard glory {and insane halloween decorations!}. It was so quiet, I think weekends and the summer get very busy but we loved it. We then stopped at neighbouring Salem which was crazy for the whole month of October but didn't stay long as it was too crowded and a little too tacky with all the witchcraft! . A small taster for sure but a day I'll remember forever. Boston and NYC guides to follow! Allll the photos below. 

R <3 xx 

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