Interiors // Cosying up your bedroom for the winter {an M&S campaign}

October 12, 2017

This is a little bit of a different blog post from me today. I mean, similar kind in thing in terms of I'm talking about interiors and how to update your house for the changing seasons {this time cosying up your bedroom for the winter months ahead} but if you're wondering why my hair is curled and I'm wearing more make up than normal, and my bedroom is lit all weirdly it's because I was filming for an exciting M&S campaign a few weeks back! You might have seen some of the behind the scenes stuff on my Instagram? It was a really fun day and such an insight into the world of production. You can see the final video in the link at the end of this blog. I'd love to share some tips with you on creating a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary as the darker evenings roll in.

all of these photos were taken by Sam Mellish Photography.


I've always kept our bedroom light in colour with white sheets and bedding which is perfect for the summer months when you have the windows wide open and want everything to feel as light as possible. But as the dark nights roll around, it's fun to play with layering up more and introducing more colour and texture. Bedtime is one of my favourite parts of the day, not necessarily going to sleep but climbing under the sheets with a new boxset to watch and shutting out the rest of the world for a few hours. It should be feel like your cosy retreat. I try not to go on my phone too much in bed, it can make me feel too wired but reading or watching TV always makes me sleepy.

The M&S Campaign focused on adding layers to your bed and I loved watching our bedroom transform as we added new elements. You can makeover a room very easily on a budget by just adding a couple of new pieces. I like to invest in key pieces and don't think you should scrimp on the basics like a very good mattress {for your back as well as sleep quality} and duvet and pillows {we've recently bought these in all natural wool}. But after you've got those, which should last, you can then switch up accessories which don't have to cost a fortune. I like the idea of switching things up each season to give a new feel to a room without any of the hard graft of a full makeover.

Cushions and throws are the best way to do this. Some of my favourites are here;

I want my bedroom to feel as calm as possible so stick to light neutral colours like grey and white. You can add different shades of grey without fear of colours clashing yet it stops it feeling boring or too matchy matchy.

I'm wearing this skirt and this top.

This time I went for this darker bedding in a pearl grey colour to add a new feel for the wintry months. The bedding is 230 thread count Egyptian cotton which feels really soft and almost silky to sleep under. The non-iron part is my favourite, I mean who has time to iron bedlinen?! I just shake it!

We started with the sheet, pulling the corners tight.

Before plumping the pillows and shaking the duvet right into the corners.

The fun part was layering up.

Arranging the cushions to give volume and a hotel style look.

They also make your bed even more comfortable with a lot of squishiness to sink back into.

Layering throws together adds extra interest, the knitted pom-pom throw has been a favourite of mine for a while now and it's so warm!

With a cosy new bed for the winter and the campaign filmed there was only one thing left to do... 


And the video below;

Do you update your bedroom as the seasons change? 

{This post is in collaboration with M&S but as always I'd never partner with a brand that I didn't truly love}

Back soon from NYC!

R <3 xx

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