Musings // An Autumn Weekend around London {Bushy Park & Shoreditch}

November 02, 2018

You know when things get a little crazy, just life/work wise and just in general if you've had a bit of a blah time for various reasons? But then you have a weekend that can change everything?! Yep. That. Last weekend restored all. And so I wanted to share some photos of our sunny Saturday in Bushy Park, the first day that it felt properly cold, seeing the stags, having a lunch date in Five Guys and then an afternoon on the sofa finishing Informer {aka the best series we've watched in a long long time}. And then on Sunday, taking our parents up to Columbia Road Flower Market before a roast at Shoreditch House. Watching the sunset over the skyline of our favourite city in the world. London. And just feeling really, really happy. THAT. <3 

Wrapping up! Baby, it's cold outside.

It's rutting season in Bushy Park so the stags are super feisty. As somebody on my Instagram said, I really should be warning people of the dangers. Which is very true, especially at this time of year. But equally, you see dogs walking right past them and the stags walking right in front of cars. Better to be safe than sorry though. Beautiful nonetheless. And that sunnnny day.


This stag was super sweet. Those antlers.

I took a video of the falling, swirling leaves. It didn't really look real.

2 cheeseburgers please.

This guy.

New dress. New boots.

Autumn colours.

// Sunday

Skirt & a jumper kinda day.

Those pink doors. Autumn edition.

Here's to this weekend, whatever it will bring. We're hoping to see some fireworks and are hosting a big dinner on Sunday. Cooking from Jamie's new Italy series, a slow cooked proper beef cheek ragu!

Catch up soon

R <3 xx 

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