Christmas // All things Sparkly, a Winter Fashion Update

November 12, 2018

I haven't felt inspired to really buy any new clothes for a while now. I think it's been a kind of in between season and I was probably still mourning the end of summer. Jumpers and jeans get boring pretty fast, my tan has rapidly faded. BUT then came along some Christmas partywear, all things sparkly and festive and things suddenly got interesting again. I had a request from a lovely follower for me to put a guide like this together, and so I have to thank her as not only was it super fun to put together but I've now got about 3 big deliveries arriving! {I always order more to try and then expect to send 80% of it back}. I hope that this edit might inspire you for some Christmas/New Year shopping ready for all of the festivities. I've only included things that I truly love the look of, there are SO many short, teeny tiny dresses or that look a bit cheap. I've tried to keep it fairly reasonable as Christmas is an expensive time, and unless you've got a major party to go to, there's no reason to spend £££ on an outfit you'll probably only wear for the month of December. And regrettably, I haven't included any accessories as that's a whole new blog post in itself! {Would you be interested?} It's not just party wear either, but festive knits and tops and dresses that would suit the December days leading up to Christmas that you can dress up or down. Would love to know your thoughts! I'm also going to share these on my Instagram stories in a minute as know some of you prefer to shop there?

A sparkly camisole to pair with killer black jeans or a skirt.

For Christmas parties, or Christmas day, you need a skirt like this sparkly number, or this velvet version which everyone is wearing {including me who just jumped on the bandwagon & ordered the navy and pink version to try} to wear with a jumper tucked in at the front.

Or this, jewel coloured velvet skirt.

Hopefully this will come back into stock too, the ultimate sequinned skirt.

How INSANE is this skirt above?! Although pretty spendy compared with the others.

Technically not Christmassy, but leopard print can just be worn year round right? I've just ordered this dress to try.

A black sequin jacket that will jazz any old thing up.

A sequinned playsuit? I feel like my thighs would be too big for this but I'm sure lots of you could pull it off?

A seriously sexy sequinned dress that's still classy and under £50 {I saw a lot that either looked awful or were £££, like this which is amazing but I wouldn't spend £150 on a dress I'd only wear around this time of year}.

A classy sequin midi dress {because so many are toooo short}

A bargain beaded velvet dress. Now you're talking.

and This is a nice, less sequinned but still sparkly version, for £35.

A black & gold starry shirt.

This whole look please, I have a gold skirt similar from last year but this is just so much nicer {should I order?!!}

Leopard plus lace. I think the key with this would be what you wear it with to make it not look like a night gown?

A beautiful starry dress.

I ordered this dress a few weeks back and have been wearing it a lot since. I thought it would be nice on Christmas Day or around that time with tights & biker ankle boots. And then dressed down with trainers. Order with a code like this H6F6 for 20% off.

A subtle but still festive sweatshirt. Use H6F6 for 20% off

A pom-pom festive jumper, that's not tacky.

A starry breton top that's not too OTT.

I'm obsessed with this top with a star that can be gold or silver by brushing the sequins {and isn't just for Christmas}.

If floral is more your thing, this dress? It's definitely mine.

I'm in LOVE with this fair isle jumper. So scandi, so wintery. And this one

A fun breton for when Christmas jumpers make you too hot.

Finally, this isn't really Christmassy but I couldn't resist adding this gorgeous pink heart jumper in anyway. Too soon to talk about Valentine's Day?!  😂💘

I used to think summer dress buying was my favourite, but this little shopping mission has made me think so much more about how fun Christmas is. I hoped this has helped?

R <3 x

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