Our Christmas Twenty Nineteen

January 01, 2020

Happy Happy New Year. I have a serious case of the Christmas blues! There is just SO much that I love about Christmas and this year in particular, Freya's first, was even more special than I ever could have imagined. She's at such a joyful age, and although we didn't get much sleep and had that kind of jet lagged, fuzzy headed feeling - in the end it didn't really matter because it was all so much fun and filled with the very best food and magic of starting new traditions with her. For Christmas Day itself we spent it at my parents with Ben's Mum and my grandparents and it was really really lovely. We then stayed over at my parents for a couple of nights which made it even better, all waking up together and having breakfast, having lots of family around to entertain Freya and did I mention the food already? And then, it was over all too fast and now it's New Year's Day already! I wanted to put together a little post with photos from Christmas, especially since I took a little insta break over the holiday, but then I looked back and realised that Christmas wasn't just about Christmas Eve, Day or Boxing Day, but actually it started around a month ago when we got our tree and started all these new traditions as our new family of three. So in the end this post turned into photos from the whole of December, I know, I know, chronic photo oversharer over here.... I haven't had all that much time for this little old corner of the internet blog of mine since Freya came along but I'm glad I've found the time to put this together since I wanted all of these photos to look back upon and actually it's made me feel so much better knowing that we truly maxed out on all the festivities. It's been quite cathartic looking at all the photos bringing it allll back again. <3 So yes, Christmas 2019 - filled with snow globe joy, the look and awe and wonder on her little face staring up at the lights on the Christmas tree, seeing all of our favourite family and friends, taking a little trip to Bath, our annual trip to London to Somerset House, meeting Santa, family walks, cheese, chocolate, turkey, leftovers, games and so much laughter. Thank you too for sticking around this year if you've made it this far, big kudos if you make it to the end of this crazy long photo filled post. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope to have a little more time to devote to this blog again in 2020 - but also maybe not? because my priorities have changed so much since our little baby bee arrived, and although I'm not hugely into big resolutions for the New Year, if there's anything I do want to try to take forward, it's not feeling guilty because in the end, all that really matters is right in front of me. I do have a couple of posts I really want to share soon though! As always, lots of love to you lovely readers - I know lots of you have been here from the start. <3 xx

// Choosing the tree

// Deck the halls 

// Wreath Making

// Our annual trip to London at Christmas

// Meeting Santa

// Spending time with NCT pals and our babes

// Christmas catch ups with friends

// Finishing some Christmas Shopping in town

// There weren't all that many wintry frosty days like these but we sure made the most of them when they came

// Little Reindeer. I loved all of her Christmas outfits, we made sure she got full wear out of them for that entire month!

Sleepy cuddles - which are becoming rarer all of a sudden now she'll nap on her own!

// A Day in London with a Bestie and the Shop Up

// Friendsmas Dinners

// Christmas Baby Sensory Party

// Christmas Trip to Bath

// Early Christmas Family Dinners

// A New Tradition started by a friend where we go and walk to see the Christmas Lights and eat gingerbread.

// Christmas stories

// Christmas Eve!

This Deliciously Ella sprout salad is our new fav.

Christmas Eve dinner

// Leaving our treats for Santa & his reindeer

Putting her decoration on the tree. And definitely not shedding a million tears at how special it is that we have Christmas with her this year.

// Christmas Day!

// Boxing Day. Leftover heaven.

Playing with Uncle George & new presents.

Another day, another family Christmas party.... 

Telestration, our new favourite game.

// We finally escaped the leftover/village coma and headed out to Bushy Park for a walk and sales shopping. 

// And then it was 2020 already!

R <3 xx 

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