Happy Weekend #7

February 19, 2016

{All the pink, in love with flamingoes and this new garland}
Hey there Friday! This week has been a pretty good one, I love half term as it means so many of my girls are off. Most of them are teachers and given that I'm freelance and based from home a lot of the time, I miss so many of my friends during the week when they're at work. The weather has been beautiful, so many sunny days for walks in the fresh {almost} spring-like air. I even had our bifold doors open for a bit this week and cut some of the roses back in the garden it was so sunny. We've picked up the pup from my parents this afternoon and are dog-sitting him for the next 10 days yay!! He's my bestest bud and while I walk with him most days anyway, it's super cute having him here at ours with us. Do you have any plans for the weekend? We're mainly sticking around the village and are seeing friends tomorrow afternoon. Maybe head somewhere nice on Sunday if the weather's kind.

-Things I've loved this week:  Blossom, tweeting birds and the feeling that we might finally be over the worst of Winter. I always forget that February is still technically Winter but blue skies change everythinggg. Also I'd forgotten just how lovely having printed photos are. I scanned some old pictures in from my Grandparent's albums of my great-grandparents and some of my Grandparent's on honeymoon in the Isle of Wight which was the cutest and then ordered prints from Photobox {with some old favourites from our own wedding and some recent holiday snaps}. I'll frame some for the new house.

- Things I've bought this week: That incredible flamingo garland! Totally unnecessary purchase but it's pink and I suddenly love all things flamingo. Ben thinks I'm crazy of course but it looks so cute. I think it will live up in my office. Somebody on Instagram made me laugh thinking that I was announcing a baby girl, nope not yet! Also Oreo dairy milk mini eggs. Have you tried them?? I've been through about 3 bags since last Saturday, too addictive. Easter chocolate always tastes better than regular stuff don't you think? We also took a trip to Homesense last night to look for a few new bits, I bought a couple of new photo frames, some turkish towels and a couple of Easter decorations {Yep another thing Ben just does not understand}.

- House update {yawn...are you bored of this section yet?}  One step forward and two steps back but I think {and hope and cross my fingers} that we may be able to exchange at some point next week and then complete around the end of March. Then I can breathe again. Couple of issues up the chain but nothing worth having is easy right?! Geez house buying is stressful. Ben is a property developer so we buy and sell a fair few houses each year, every single one is a breeze, without much stress at all, but there's no emotional attachment and most of the time no chain. The minute you add emotions into the mix is a whole other story and there have been a few heated phone calls this week. But we did go and measure up {I put the whole thing on snapchat @rebeccaaa_k} to apply for planning permission this week so we're getting more and more excited, and pinning more and more on Pinterest as the days go by!

{The cutest garland, here, to replace all the Valentine's decs}

{Desperate for these!!}
{Ahh country walks in the sunshine make me the happiest}
Umm I can't think what else I was going to tell you guys, think that's most things swirling around my head this week. Have a lovely weekend! Back next week.

R <3 xx

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