Happy Weekend #8 {and an extra long update!}

February 26, 2016

Oops, I hate it when it gets to Friday and the last post I wrote was last weekend's update. But this week has been a mad one. I feel like my life is all or nothing and this week it was alll go. This is the first chance I've had to even open my laptop this week! So, an update and some ramblings on about my week...

We've had the pup staying with us this week, he's been super cute and I think we want to keep him forever and not give him back to my Parents when they return from their holiday. I take him out for walks most days when he's not with us but having him here, and that incredible greeting that only a dog can give when you get home is really lovely. He's followed me around the house all week and we've had some beautiful walks together. Luckily the weather has been mostly dry and sunny this week. He's slept with us every night and just generally been a little delight making us laugh countless number of times. I feel like he's a cross between a grumpy old man and a little baby all rolled into one and don't even get me started on his face. It melts me. I've felt so much guilt too when I've had to go out and leave him home alone this week, god help me when I have a real baby to deal with! A few people have asked if we'll get a dog when we move house, we could get a dog now if we wanted but we go away so often and the muddy/wet paws are a pain to deal with, I've had to cover our sofas up and our white bedding! In the new house I'm desperate for a lot more white everywhere so I'm thinking that the two don't really go together very well. Luckily my parents live 2 mins around the corner so I'll just keep adopting Riley.

Other than all the pup stuff this week, and sorry if you follow me on snapchat you're probably bored of all the Riley videos, there's been lots of other stuff going on. On Monday we had a meeting with our solicitor to finalise some moving stuff before signing the contracts!! Note, we haven't actually exchanged yet but very close to being ready for it and ready to move house just before the Easter long weekend {and my Birthday which will probably now be spent painting woop woop!}.

Also I think the Spring flowers are really at their peak at the moment. Hellebores in every shade and pattern, hyacinths {from this spring bulb post that I've had to cut as they got so tall!}, daffs, tulips and primroses. We started sorting our seeds last weekend and went to the garden centre for the first time this year to buy some seed compost ready to start some growing. Blog post on that to follow.

Tuesday was an amazing day. We got up stupidly early for a trip to our beloved Kempton Antiques Market {past posts about it here and here} furniture hunting for the new house. We didn't actually buy loads this time, I think we become more and more fussy as we need and want less 'stuff' in general but we did buy these gorgeous shutters!! I can't decide whether they'll be for the garden or inside yet, and I'll probably repaint them but I fell in love. After rushing back down the M25 to take the dog for his morning walk, it was a quick change and straight back down the M25 to head into London for a day of work events and meetings. I had the hard task of visiting the White Company Summer Press Day! And wanted to buy everythingggg there. That thing I just said about not wanting more stuff does not apply to White Company stuff. It's all gorgeous. From there I drove across town to Kensington for a PR meeting over afternoon tea to discuss some exciting new projects and eat yummy cakes at the Kensington Hotel. I had time to kill before hand so took a stroll around South Ken, taking way too many photos of magnolia trees all in bloom. Then it was home time, and another walk with the pup and Ben, just as the sun was setting it was beautiful, to catch up on our days.

Wednesday was just as hectic although not so work related, after an early Metafit session {I started a couple of new gym classes this week. Metafit and Fight Klub, both totally exhausting but amazing.} and an abs blast class, I came home to whip the dog out for his walk before rushing around Sainsbury's as quick as I could to do a big big food shop, home for reformer pilates then I spent most of the afternoon making Hugh's famous lamb and butternut squash curry ready for hosting a dinner party tonight. The kitchen was a state and I realised I didn't have any curry powder half way into making it, oops.  Since then the week has calmed down a lot although yesterday I was in town again for a preview of the Rupert Sanderson's new bridal shoe collection. And today I'm just glad it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend. I met a friend for a long walk and catch up this morning and I've been getting ready for hosting dinner tonight at ours. It's a gorgeous day though so I'll go and meet Ben with the pup in a while for some fresh air. I always think that staying home for a lazy day is a good idea, until I feel all stuffy! 

So that's another week gone and we're nearly into March!! Ever closer to moving and a reinvention for Roses and Rolltops. The blog is to get a big redesign ready for all the new interior posts over the next couple of months. 

{Bathroom favourites along with epsom salts for achey achey muscles}
I hope you have some nice weekend plans? It's my friend's birthday tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to a girls catch up over dinner, I'm taking some gooey chocolate brownies with raspberries as a cake. We want to start some seeds off like sweet peas and tomatoes. On Sunday Ben and I want to do something nice and just switch our phones off for a while. By the end of a week constantly on my phone replying to emails/writing notes/answering calls/taking photos/social media and messages I'm ready for a bit of a digital detox. 

Couple of other things of note - This instagram account made me laugh, @deliciouslystella. A parody of Deliciously Ella.

{Valentine's blooms still going strong! One benefit of a cold Victorian terrace!}
Anddd breathe! Whirlwind weeks make for slower weekends I think.

Have a good one, back soon with new interior and garden posts.

R <3 xx 

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