Summer // Photos of late, May 2018 {the Royal Wedding, Picnics, Wahaca Supper Clubs and the Countryside}

May 30, 2018

A long-overdue photo catch up from the past few weeks! Picnics, Royal Weddings, Summer Dinners and all...

Feeling more inspired with the changing seasons and warm sunny evenings for new fresh recipes. 

Lambs at the farm! These are a few weeks old already now.

Cow parsley and bluebell cuttings.

Ready for our magazine shoot - will share the full post on that tomorrow.

Broderie allll day everyday.

Our Wisteria was extra beautiful this year, and I forgot just how scented they are.

May is such a beautiful month.

Evening walks with dappled sunlight through the hawthorn blossom.


Wisteria Hysteria.

A new picnic set! {this one} for the first of many, I hope, this summer.

Definitely the greatest picnic hamper that we've ever owned and it even has a pull out mini-cool bag!

It's raining as I type this but May has spoilt us with the weather this year. Endless sunny hot days.

My top is H&M which I can't seem to find online but my jeans are online here.

We spontaneously packed up our dinner a few weeks back to go and eat it by the river in picnic form one beautiful evening.

Our favourite spot.

I went crazy for the Royal Wedding and all that it stands for.

London, and England, felt so patriotic. 

We went to our first supper club at Wahaca's test kitchen in Shoreditch hosted by my favourite Thomasina Miers. It was in collaboration with an American Mexican Chef who was visiting}. A balmy evening it felt like we were on holiday.

The test kitchen is Wahaca's newest restaurant and it felt like we were in Mexico with the exposed ceiling, bricks and colours. 

I'd definitely recommend looking out for their next event. It was a sell out and the food SO good.

Such a fun dinner date and it always feels exciting going up to London with Ben.

I even got a fan-girl moment with Thomasina herself in the kitchen.

Some of my girls came over for a dinner date.

Where I cooked an easy prawn, pea and asparagus risotto.

The pup came to stay!

And finally, it was Royal Wedding weekend. I baked a cake to take to my Friends' BBQ in the afternoon.

and watched the wedding in the garden on my laptop. It was such a hot, beautiful day. 

The village got dressed up for the occasion.

And whilst I watched it on my own, I couldn't wait to see the girls to discuss it all! We sat in Sophie's garden alll afternoon talking about the dress, the other guests, Meghan's sweet Mum sitting on her own, Suits {the series, not the male outfits}, K Mid and Britain.

With Pimms!

This was my favourite photo.

Then we left for Sardinia. And came back for another bank holiday. 

It was my Brother's Birthday so we reunited the whole family {everyone had been away} and my Brother brought custard tarts home from Lisbon for a Birthday breakfast before we all went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant on the Friday evening.

My dress is last summer but obsessed with the detail.

We've nicknamed my brother & his girlfriend Gabi {George and Abi}. They have Birthday's a day apart.

Peony season!!

Will share more soon! Including photos from our trip to Mersea Island last weekend.

Hope you're enjoying summer so far.

R <3 xx 

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