Christmas - Columbia Road at Christmas

November 27, 2014

You might have seen this post about how much I love Columbia Road flower market {in East London} year round. Last year Ben and I visited at Christmas for the first time and I think it will become one of our annual traditions one Sunday morning every December.

From the end of November, the stall holders start to fill the market up with wreaths, pine foliage, berries, holly, trees and mistletoe! {As well as all your regular blooms and the start of the Spring tulips, daffs, ranunculus and the like}

Lights are strung up and everyone's in good spirits. What is it about Christmas that gets everyone in such a festive mood?  I love it. It was fun to watch everyone buying their trees and as you start walking towards it you can see couples carrying trees home. It reminded me of the start of Love Actually.

We made a morning of it by walking down to Duck and Waffle for brunch overlooking the city, it's not too far from Columbia Road and as it's a Sunday you can park for free. This year I think we'll head into Covent Garden or walk along the Thames after, depending what the weather's like. 

I love Mistletoe to hang although it doesn't last for all that long so last year we were slightly too early to buy it from the market.

I bought a wreath made from holly for our front door and a few bunches of ranunculus. The quality and prices are so much beat the supermarkets and it's just a fun morning out. 

My purchases last year:

This wreath only cost £6 which I thought was great value and it lasted well into January. I tied the ribbon and bow on myself. I've been to a workshop with my wedding florist to make my own this year which I will be sharing.

Ranunculus always seem to last for ages and get prettier and prettier as they open up more.

I wonder what I'll buy this year! I can't wait to visit again, maybe this weekend if the weather's nice. Oh how I love planning these Christmas days out.

R <3 xx

{27 days to go, still feels like a while but I almost don't want it to go fast as the build up is the best bit! Today's link, is there a better song?!}

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  1. love this! We're in London this weekend & are planning to go for Sunday brunch at the duck & waffle - didn't realise how close Columbia road market was, will definitely be going now so thanks for sharing! loving the festive posts! ��


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