Wedding - Brown Paper and Red Heart Stationery {plus free downloads}

November 12, 2014

You might have seen this post about our invites and save the dates and this about our table names and plan, this post is a kind of follow up with the stationery I made for our wedding day with, you've guessed it, more brown paper and red hearts. I'd love to share how I made our own order of services, menus and name tags and let you use them for your own day if you like the style. 

I faffed around for ages deciding on our Order of Service, I searched on Pinterest for inspiration, I decided that I wanted it to be just one page to save binding multiple pages, All it really needed to display was the order of events, a bit about the ceremony and some key names in our wedding party. Unlike a religious ceremony we didn't need to provide hymns or prayers so could be as creative as we wanted. I used Microsoft publisher and after searching on for a variety of free, quirky fonts, got to work on the design.  As usual I was drawn to typewriter vintage fonts, some scrolly writing and my favourite curly { brackets. I found some fun shapes like bunting and a typewriter symbol to use that would add a bit of interest and of course red hearts had to feature on there too. I rearranged and changed the fonts countless times until I was happy but in the end loved the result and printed them using brown a5 kraft paper on my home printer. If you're looking to make your own I'd definitely recommend Publisher and the free font website, just play around until you're happy with it. But if you like the style of this one and want to adapt it for your own wedding, feel free to email me rkedgley{at} and I'll send you the design. 

We had the groomsmen and ushers give out an order of service to guests as they were arriving for the ceremony. If you're short on time or don't have access to printing, you could use a large chalkboard to display info for guests at your wedding instead. A printed order of service is a nice memento for guests to keep though I guess.

Next up were the menus and place names. Again, they had to be on brown paper with red hearts to tie in. The menus were fairly straight forward, just a typewriter font {travelling typewriter} on a DL sized piece of kraft paper with little red hearts underneath each course. This size was perfect to fit into the folded napkins for each place setting at our venue. You could just have one big chalkboard with the menu written on it but for our setting it seemed more suitable to have a menu for each place. 

Again if you want a template of this just email me as above. I bought the paper from eBay. 

For the place names, I needed Ben's help to make them look like luggage labels. I didn't want to handwrite them as I thought it would look messy so wanted the typewriter font printed onto luggage tags which seemed like an impossible task. I could hand stamp them but again some names would be huge and it would be so messy with ink everywhere and lining the letters up. So, in came Ben with his excel skills. He made individual text boxes and we typed the names and a red heart. He added black lines around each box and then printed about 10 to a page of a5 kraft paper. He then cut out the boxes using a luggage tag as a template to cut the corners off. Using a hole punch he punched a hole and then stuck a hole reinforcer around it to make it look like a proper luggage tag. I was really pleased with how they turned out, looking authentic. They also went with our table plan. I kept the ones that said Bride and Groom and framed them as part of our wedding wall.

Nobody believed that I made these bits for our wedding, but I really enjoyed designing them. If you've got the time it's a worthwhile project and saves paying for professional stationery.

Did you have a go at making your own stationery, or would you?

R <3 xx

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing Rebecca, never would have considered the possibility of doing stationary myself but think when the time comes I'll follow in your footsteps. I imagine it was especially nice to see your own handiwork on your special day too x

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