Christmas - Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Filled Festive Get Together's

November 26, 2014

For the last few years we've always hosted an informal festive get together just before Christmas for friends, family and neighbours to make sure we get to see everybody in the run up to such a busy few days. The company changes slightly depending on who's around but the food and drink tends to stay the same:

Mulled Wine, cinnamon sticks and oranges is always the drink of choice. I love the smell of it, so festive and nearly everyone loves a glass of warm mulled wine at Christmas time. {I've hired glasses for free at Sainsburys in the past, you just pay a deposit and have to take them back clean}

Mince Pies, usually a mixture of my Grandma's famous handmade pies and some mini ones with cute stars on top. 

A couple of alternative cakes for people who don't like mince pies, usually a big yummy chocolate cake {A foolproof Mary Berry tray bake recipe which cuts up well to feed a lot of people and is easy to decorate}. See the baking post for more Christmas baking. 

Light candles and a roaring fire and press play on your Christmas playlist. Wait for the doorbell to ring and then the festivities will begin.

R <3 xx

{28 days, Christmas video of the day - last year's Sainsbury's Christmas in a Day, I loved it}

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