Wedding - Presents and Thank You Cards

November 19, 2014

I posted the above photo back in July when I was making thank-you cards and I promised a couple of you that I'd do a blog post about it. Sorry it's taken so long, I was trying to search for the photos. It's not a groundbreaking idea, I just decided to make my own thank-you cards after seeing how cheesy and overpriced ones on the web are. Plus, when guests have been so so generous, it's nice to spend a bit of time making cards to send back to them that they'll appreciate more than a glossy impersonal card ordered online. These are so easy to make:
I ordered brown card and envelopes from eBay - link here.
I printed off our favourite wedding photos from Photobox, but if you go onto Martin's Money website he usually tells you which website has a deal on. I got 100 printed for just £1 delivered. 
I ordered photo corners for scrapbooking from eBay - link here.
I already had a red heart stamp and personalised heart stickers from Etsy that had our initials and wedding date on.

It was hard to choose a photo but in the end decided the Red Heart Balloon Release as it had most of our guests in and the venue behind. I simply used the sticky photo corners to hold the photo in place on the front of the card and then used the heart stamp next to our names when I signed the card and a heart sticker to seal the envelope.

By making your own cards instead of buying them online, you can personalise them a bit more and send different photos to different people. I sent my Bridesmaids a photo of us three instead of a group photo.

As you're opening your wedding cards and presents, take notes! It's much nicer to write a personal message than a generic one for thanking people.

A few of you asked were stuck for present ideas for the groomsmen/bridesmaids/parents on your wedding day. It's nice to give a small token gift but also something that relates to the wedding. For the groomsmen I ordered silver initial cufflinks from Not on The High Street that they could wear on the day and keep afterwards, being silver and their own initials they'll go with most things rather than being too themed.

For my Bridesmaids, I wrapped up a pearl bracelet and single pearl necklace for each of them, again ordered from Not on the High Street and they wore their jewellery on the wedding day and can keep it afterwards. I love pearls, they're so classic and pretty. They looked lovely with the colour of the bridesmaids dresses on the day.

For our Mum's we gave them a White Company silver photo frame so that they can display a photo after the wedding. Dad's were a little harder to buy for but we decided on a case of special red wines for them. 

I wrapped everything in tissue and placed into brown paper bags, again purchased from eBay and decorated with luggage tags and our red heart stickers.

Did you give presents to your wedding party or make your own thank-you cards? Would you? Friends and family are so generous with both their time and giving gifts at a wedding so I felt it was important to give as much gratitude as we could.

R <3 xx

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  2. It's a wonderful ideas for people who love travelling, and explore new countries, cultures and traditions! :) Thank's for sharing, it's amazing! :)
    May I ask, which gifts for your guests you've bought? I'm getting married this June and we'll have a small traditional wedding party, but I want to buy small personalised badges with touching words for my relatives and friends. How you think does it worth buying?


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