Wedding - Plant Pot Favours

November 05, 2014

It's Bonfire Night! Did you see this post on Friday about it? Hope you enjoy some fireworks tonight. But as it's Wedding Wednesday I thought I'd share some floral prettiness and imagine it's summer and wedding season again. Or maybe you're planning your own wedding for next year. Favours are a funny thing at weddings, in essence they're a little token for guests to take something away from the wedding with them as a gift from the Bride and Groom. But some people choose not to have anything, or just donate to a charity instead. Personally I think they're fun and a little something extra to personalise your wedding day with. Our venue didn't allow any type of edible favour due to insurance reasons, I was thinking of having red heart cookies with each guest's initial at their place setting but when we heard we weren't allowed we scrapped that idea and came up with flowers to take home instead.

I liked the idea of 'letting the love grow', a bit cringey but everyone knows that a) I'm obsessed with flowers and b) Ben and I both like gardening and allotmenting. Plant pot favours with flowers found in a cottage garden would tie in to our English, romantic country garden kind of feel to the day and add some prettiness. They were also good value, with seventy guests, favours would start adding up. if they cost £2 each x 70 = £140 just on a little something, which some people might forget in a drunken state to take home anyway. In the end we bought 35 terracotta pots from a garden centre for about 85p each, one between each couple. We added soil and bought a couple of packs of french lavender and cosmos and divided them up. In hindsight I should have sown seeds in the Spring but oh well. Ben had also taken lots of rose cuttings at the end of last summer so we had a mixture of the three. 

We planted them in pots about a week before the wedding and kept them well watered, it was super hot at the end of June this year. A couple of days before the wedding, we tied on some brown string and added a hand stamped label to tie in with the rest of our stationery.

We carefully transported them to the wedding and used vintage apple crates to display them {which are now mounted on our wall}, it was honestly so hot that I thought they'd all dry out and die as terracotta pots aren't great at holding in moisture but they survived and looked great on a table outside the stone barn where we ate food and partied, guests loved them. The cosmos all disappeared first of all with their flowers on show already but those in the know took lavender and roses that should last for years to come. 

There are so many fun ideas for favours though, you really can go all out and have something that matches in to your theme. Have a look here for some more ideas

R <3 xx 

{Photos taken by Binky Nixon Photography}

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