Christmas - The Annual Christmas Jumper Dinner

December 04, 2014

For the past four years, apart from that one I missed when I was in Africa, my girlfriends and I get together and cook a huge Christmas dinner and all wear our festive jumpers. Last year it was held at my house, and will be again this year. We all club together buying lots of food and then get cooking! It's always so much fun and we've set the date for this year's annual jumper dinner already.

We usually cook a mean dinner and end up getting so full up but the main thing is laughter. All we do is laugh. I love these girls so much, we've all been friends since the start of school and despite splitting up all around the country for university we're now all back together for good {apart from Molly who's leaving us to go and personal train people on cruise ships in the Caribbean, we miss you Mols and Hannah who lives in Oxford now, we miss you Hannah!}

Everybody brings different things, one year we asked my friend Camilla to bring crackers. She thought we meant cream crackers hahaha and turned up with some Jacobs crackers for cheese! We meant the type with party hats ;) but love laughing about it. 

Last year Vicki and Molly turned up in the matching jumpers by mistake. Good old Primark!

We don't bother cooking a turkey, it would take too long so go for two large chickens instead. We get all the trimmings though, pigs in blankets and stuffing balls.

Sophie was on carving duties. 

Sam, Bianca and Hannah couldn't make it last year so there were only 8 of us compared to our full gang of 11. This year will be a bit more of a squeeze if everyone comes. 

This year we're going for disposable roasting trays too, who wants to deal with washing up later on?!

We played the post-it note game last year which ended up being a bit controversial ;), my name was too obvious everyone guessed I'd write Kate Middleton. 

Vicki bought the best puddings and we felt so fat afterwards. Christmas Day was only a couple of days later so we had a lot, a lot of food that week. You know when you wake up the next morning and your tummy still hurts?!

After writing this post, I'm even more excited for this year's dinner. I need to find a new Christmas jumper! Love these traditions that we've made, such a fun time of year when everybody's in such good spirits.

R <3 xx

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