Christmas - Selfridges and London at Christmas

December 09, 2014

After today's post about last Sunday at Somerset House, I thought I'd share some other photos taken around London at Christmas time this year and from a few previous years with some must see's if you're in the city this December. Christmas light porn basically. Starting with Selfridges and their famous window displays. 

Selfridges Christmas Windows 2014:
I can't decide whether I prefer Selfridges of Liberty's, but why should a girl choose just one? 

Destination Christmas, that's for sure. So well decorated, magical for all ages. 

This Santa was my favourite Christmas window. 

I love the garlands and lights around every window. 

Every floor is decorated from the beauty hall and food hall full of Gingebread Houses and Christmas cupcakes to to the fourth with all things festive - stockings, cards, wrapping paper, toys and Santa's elves personalising presents. 

A green and gold theme this year. 

Adorable wrapping paper. 

The White Company + Selfridges = Heaven.

Covent Garden

This year's reindeer is silver but I preferred the red nosed light up green one from previous years...

Leicester Square:

Regents Street:

Oxford Street

Lovely lovely Liberty of London: A Christmas Classic.

Somerset House {from previous years}

Somerset House a few years back. I studied for my law degree at LSE for three years, just across the road from Somerset House so I took these photos one afternoon at twilight getting some fresh air in between lectures. I love how for once there is nobody on the ice while they swept and cleaned it. So magical.

The Southbank Christmas Market:

Walk from the Southbank across the river to Somerset House and Covent Garden. This was one of those really crisp, cold winter days. 

More Somerset House with different sponsors. I particularly like Fortnum and Mason this year though.

A photo from our first Christmas together many moons ago... <3 

Carnaby Street is always worth a wander down too

What have I missed? Which places are you favourites? What a wonderful time of year.

R <3 xx

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